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Ginza Loft : The exciting, newly renovated



19. April. 2020

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After originally opening in June 2017 in Ginza’s Namiki Dori, the popular miscellaneous goods specialty store Loft renovated its "Ginza Loft" outlet in April 2019! This new store is a must-see as it has been totally rejuvenated creating a brand new, excitingly different atmosphere. In this article we’ll discover the new "Ginza Loft" which is based around themes of "food", "beauty" and "Japan".

Ginza Loft : The exciting, newly renovated


  • [The first floor] Loft Foodlab
  • [1st floor] Fusion area of food and miscellaneous goods
  • [The second floor] Beauty and health miscellaneous goods
  • [The third floor] Fashion miscellaneous goods
  • [4th floor] Unique and convenient household goods
  • [5th floor] Stationery
  • [6th floor] esports Corner and Miscellaneous Goods
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