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Permanent Poop Museum opens in Tokyo



24. August. 2019

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The world's first poop museum was "Unko Museum YOKOHAMA", a temporary poop museum which opened in Yokohama this March. It was so successfull that they opened a permanent poop museum in Tokyo. "Unko" means poop if you were wondering, and FYI, you will hear the word "poop" repeatedly throughout this article.

The Poop Museum in YOKOHAMA will be ending as of September, but please take comfort in the fact that Tokyo's Poop Museum will remain. "Unko Museum TOKYO" at Diver City Tokyo Plaza (Odaiba) opened on the 9th of August, and all are welcome!

Why poop? What kind of poop is it? What color does it come in? All these questions and more will be answered, so relax those pelvis muscles and tread on.

Permanent Poop Museum opens in Tokyo


  • MY UNKO MAKER - Begin with your very own poop
  • Super Poop Volcano & poop picture area "UNSTAGENIC"
  • Poop game area "UNTERACTIVE"
  • Poop zone "UNTELLIGENCE" will bring you poop from all around the world
  • "Unberto no Ma" - poop power spot
  • "UNKO FACTORY"- poop gift store
  • Exhibition and ticketing information

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