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20 shaved ice shops you have to try in Tokyo 2019



27. July. 2019

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Shaved ice (this is called “kakigori” in Japan) is a traditional Japanese summer snack that has been enjoyed since the Heian period, helping people to overcome the brutal summers in Japan.

Tokyo's known as a hotspot for this cool summer treat, ranging from traditional to the luxurious. This has led to some Instagrammable and foreign-fusion styles of preparation. Here's a list of 20 shaved ice shops you can't miss.

20 shaved ice shops you have to try in Tokyo 2019


  • Kakigori Cafe&Bar Yelo
  • Intersect By Lexus
  • Azabu Yasaigashi
  • Sebastian
  • Amaikko
  • PEANUTS Cafe
  • Funabashiya
  • Himitsudo
  • The Strings Omotesando
  • Chachanoma
  • Cafe Lumiere
  • Wa Kitchen Kanna
  • Lobby Lounge at Dai-Ichi Tokyo Hotel
  • Kakigori Kobo Sekka
  • Kori Yuki To Natsu
  • Hugo & Victor
  • Jean-Paul Hevin
  • Kageyamarou
  • Asakusa Izumi
  • Kihachi Cafe

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