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Where to Eat in Akihabara- Including Halal Food



4. August. 2019

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Akihabara is a paradise for meat lovers from all over the world and it is here where you can taste the most highquality meats from the prized Wagyu steak to delicious kebab.
Although not well known, Akihabara also has various gourmet such as ramen and curries.

This isn’t a place just for the carnivores though as it offers vegetarian and vegan options as well. If you eat a halal diet, no worries because there are also a number of halal certified restaurants. Akihabara is home to many delicious gourmet dishes and below are the best restaurants that offer meat dishes as well as halal food.

Where to Eat in Akihabara- Including Halal Food


  • Roast Beef Ohno
  • Kyushu Jangara
  • Tonkatsu Marugo
  • Kanda Matsuya
  • Curry wa Nomimono
  • Niku no Mansei
  • Kamugen
  • Chuka Soba Aoba
  • Ikinari Steak
  • Jiromaru
  • Halal Food around Akihabara
  • ― What is halal?
  • ― CoCo Ichibanya
  • ― Sultan
  • ― Veg Kitchen
  • ― Ayam-YA
  • ― Yakiniku Panga

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