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Five popular old-fashioned cafes in Yamanashi



13. June. 2019

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Sprawling to the west of Tokyo, Yamanashi is a scenic prefecture that’s rich in natural wonders and easily accessible as a day trip from the capital. It’s renowned for its old Japanese buildings and warehouses, many of which have been converted into rustic cafes that are infused with history.

Imagine eating lunch or enjoying freshly roasted coffee in a building that’s more than 200 years old, with an authentic atmosphere that will transport you into the past. For a taste of this experience that the big city just doesn’t offer, here are five of the most popular Yamanashi cafes with an old-fashioned vibe.

Five popular old-fashioned cafes in Yamanashi


  • Sakagura Kai
  • Café Kujiragumo
  • Terasaki Coffee
  • Tsugura Sha
  • Café Kagiya

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