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10 Traditional Crafts Experience in Kanazawa



9. June. 2019

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Kanazawa has developed many unique traditional arts. While you can buy these items as souvenirs, you can also try something different by making your own. There are many places offering traditional art classes and workshops, with most situated indoors so you don’t have to worry about getting wet in this famously rainy city. Here are our recommendations of where to experience extraordinary souvenir making and shopping!

10 Traditional Crafts of Kanazawa


  • 1. Show off your stylish taste through gold leaf application at Kanazawa Katani
  • 2. Draw a picture and make original mini Daruma –Nakajima Menya
  • 3. Dress up in a kimono at Kokoyui to explore the city on foot
  • 4. Do a quick gold leaf application at Imai Kinpaku Kousaka
  • 5. Create your own Kutani ware with stickers at the Kutani Seal Shop
  • 6. Wear a kimono and get a discount on painting Maneki-neko!
  • 7. Master a traditional Japanese sweets recipe at the Ishikawa local product center!
  • 8. Learn the basic rules of Mizuhiki at Tsuda Mizuhiki Orikata
  • 9. Get your artwork two months after a pottery experience at atelier&gallery creava
  • 10. Make your own Kaga Yuzen handkerchief at Kaga Yuzen Kaikan!