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The Best Ramen in Shinjuku



22. May. 2019

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Competition is steep for ramen shops around Shinjuku. From the endless lines of the most popular shops to new-age vegan offerings and even restaurants that have been awarded Michelin stars, we’ll break down which shops are worth your time and which ones you definitely can’t miss. Plus, every location in this guide is near Shinjuku Station, so, with a little walking, you’ll have the time to try a couple if you find yourself hanging around the busiest station in the world. Get ready for a steaming bowl of ramen you won’t soon forget.


  • Soba House Konjiki Hototogisu
  • Ramen Hayashida
  • Ichiran Ramen
  • Sugoi Niboshi Ramen Nagi
  • Mensho San Francisco
  • Tsukemen Gonokami Seisakusho
  • Menya Musashi Shinjuku
  • Mouko Tanmen Nakamoto
  • Afuri
  • Menya Syo Main Shop

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