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The Best Ramen in Ginza



20. May. 2019

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Ginza has been a commercial, business and entertainment hub in Tokyo since the 17th century, with kabuki theaters, shopping malls and stylish pedestrian promenades. But it’s also home to some of the capital’s best ramen restaurants, which have evolved over time while preserving traditional tastes.

In this guide, we’ll recommend five of the best ramen shops to dine at in the Ginza area, including historic favorites and restaurants that have been published in the Michelin guide. Most are also foreigner-friendly, with multi-lingual menus so you know exactly what you’re ordering!


  • Ippudo Ginza
  • Ginza Kagari
  • Ginza Noodles Mugi to Olive
  • Jika Seimen Ito Ginza Shop
  • Ginzasa
  • Ramen Takahashi Ginza