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11 Tokyo snacks you should try in Shimokitazawa



21. April. 2019

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One of the things that makes Japan attractive is that you can experience both tradition and new technology at the same time. Shimokitazawa is no exception. It has a unique atmosphere that you can’t feel anywhere else! People in Japan call it the center of Subculture. Here are 11 snack shops that you should try if you have the chance to visit Shimokitazawa.

11 Tokyo snacks you should try in Shimokitazawa


  • Toyonchi-no-Tamago
  • Nick’n’roll
  • Baby castella of Aoi renga
  • Café au lait of Moldive
  • Robson Fries
  • NY Cupcakes
  • Lemonade by Lemonica
  • Coco Fresh Tea and Juice
  • Rice cracker of Tamaiya
  • Sweet Twist

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