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16 Cool Things to Do in Tokyo on your Second Visit



19. March. 2019

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So you’ve already visited Tokyo once and have ticked off all the big-ticket attractions. So what next? In this guide, we’ll introduce some of the lesser-known neighborhoods and things to experience on your second visit.


  • 1. Explore the Meguro River and Cafes of Nakameguro
  • 2. Walk the Streets of Roppongi at Night
  • 3. Discover the Architecture of Aoyama
  • 4. Go Vintage Shopping in Ura-Harajuku
  • 5. Start your Morning in Style in Oku-Shibuya
  • 6. Feast on Hearty Hamburgers in Sangenjaya
  • 7. Explore the Cafe Culture along the Setagaya Line
  • 8. Discover the Arts Scene of Marunouchi
  • 9. Experience the Tokyo Tower by Night
  • 10. Discover the Secondhand Bookstores of Jimbocho
  • 11. Pick up Unique Products in Tawaramachi and Kuramae
  • 12. Get your Caffeine Fix in Kiyosumi
  • 13. Experience the Nighttime Views from the Metropolitan Tokyo
  • 14. Explore the Thrift Clothes Shops and Curry Cafes of Shimokitazawa
  • 15. Hop between the Galleries and Bars of Nishi-Ogikubo
  • 16. Discover the Japanese Live Music Scene in Koenji

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