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20 of the most popular souvenirs to buy at Tokyo Station in 2019



30. August. 2019

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Before you head home from your trip to Japan, you’ll likely want some awesome souvenirs to remember your trip. Conveniently, you can buy trendy and popular souvenirs at Tokyo Station.

A number of souvenirs found at Tokyo Station are only available here, so don’t miss the opportunity to do some shopping. Here are our top 20 souvenirs to buy at Tokyo Station!

20 of the most popular souvenirs to buy at Tokyo Station in 2019


  • [B1 inside ticket gate] GRANSTA
  • AUDREY - strawberry confectionery specialty store
  • Cutting edge Cheese Chocolate Hamburger sweets - Limited to Tokyo Station!
  • Suica’s Penguin Pouch at Progres (it’s not even available at Suica’s Penguin Shop!) - Limited to Tokyo Station!
  • Save on popular waffle treats at the R.L Waffle Cake Shop - Limited to Tokyo Station!
  • Caffarel’s Tokyo Gianduia Choco Pie - Limited to Tokyo Station!
  • A new premium gift tin for Tokyo Station Biscuits - Limited to Tokyo Station!
  • Tiramisu Chocolat Sand - Limited to Tokyo Station!
  • First prize-winning Maple Pie Sand - Limited to Tokyo Station!
  • Fujimidou Suzu Senbei’s cute, bell-shaped rice crackers that celebrate the sweetness of rice
  • [B1 inside the ticket gate] Opened in 2019! HANAGATAYA GRANSTA Tokyo Central Passage Store
  • Tokyo Station, HANAGATAYA limited! Girls will love Sucrey's Berry UP!
  • Tokyo Station, HANAGATAYA limited! New release from Terraconfect! The Cheese Wich
  • The eye-catching Blue Meltin Sand from the brand "CAMPANELLA E"
  • [1F inside ticket gate] South Exit, Ecute Tokyo & Ecute Keiyo Street
  • Tokyo Renga Pan & Mame Hobi of Mame Ichizu (anpan specialty store) - Limited to Tokyo station!
  • Ordinary rusks become elegant souvenirs at the hands of pastry chef Hironobu Tsujiguchi! Wa Rusk of Waraku Beniya - Limited to Tokyo station!
  • Great for kids! KABUKI KIDS Matcha from Kasho Rokube
  • [Tokyo Meihinkan South Exit, Gift Garden]
  • Tokyo Station Marunouchi Building Crispy Chocolat of Morozoff - Limited to Tokyo station!
  • Caramel Chocolate Cookie Tokyo Limited - Limited to Tokyo station!
  • Sugar Butter Sand Tree TOKYO - Limited to Tokyo station!
  • [1F outside ticket gate] Girls love these pretty sweets! Hana no Babaroa havaro
  • [1F inside ticket gate] TOKYO TULIP ROSE

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