Authentic Kimono Makeover! The Best 3 Rental Kimono Shops on Komachi-dori street in Kamakura



Kamakura is one of the popular sightseeing spots and ancient capitals in Japan. You'll feel as if you'd stepped back to the Edo period when you walk around this traditional town. You know what? You should try wearing a gorgeous Kimono and showing off, that will definately make your Kamakura strolling more fun! Here are best three Rental Kimono Shops along Komachi-dori street, so let's stop by before exploring Kamakura!

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    All-In-One Kimono Tour | Rental Kimono Kosode Kamakura shop

    “Rental Kimono Kosode” is located in a bustling tourist hub of Komachi-dori street. Among all the variety of Kimono rental packages, “Jinrikisha tour with Outdoor Photography Shoot” would be an ideal plan to immerse yourself in this ancient town and traditional Japanese culture. Jinrikisha is a cartlike passenger vehicle pulled by one person, which was a common mode of transportation from Meiji to early Showa period in Japan. After getting dressed in kimono, get on Jinrikisha for an excursion tour to visit main sightseeing spots in Kamakura. What’s more, you can have your photos taken by a professional photographer! If you got a lot of stuff to carry, use their baggage storage service while strolling around town.

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    Kimono for Everyday & Everyone | Kimono Rental Basara Kamakura Komachi-dori street

    Located a four-minute walk from Kamakura station, “Kimono Rental Basara” offers different patterns and designs of Kimono that you can choose from, depending on the rental plan. If you a snappy dresser, “Standard Plan” would be it. Pick up from various selections of colorful Yukata, casual type of kimono, which are simple yet elegant. “Three Star Plan” provides special occasion Kimonos made of the highest grade fabric. They have beautiful dresses not only for women, but also for men and children. Special offers are available on their official website, so better check it out before you visit.

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    One-day Geisha Experience!? | Kimono Rental Wargo Kamakura Komachi-dori shop

    “Kimono Rental Wargo” is 2minutes on foot from Kamakura station, located right near Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shrine. Its convenient location and the wide range of elegant designed-kimonos are the main draws here. Dressing service for BYO customers would be the smart choice if you already have your own kimonos. Although putting on kimono by yourself is kind of tricky, they have skilled stylists called “Kitsukeshi” who can dress them on you in a professional manner. Once you dressed up, why not having your souvenir photos taken at the on-site studio? It would be a great way to capture your special trip memory.

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