The Best 4 Cafés in Kamakura Temples The Best 4 Cafés in Kamakura Temples

Enjoy Matcha Green Tea in Temples | The 4 Best Selections in Kamakura



The Best 4 Cafés in Kamakura Temples

Kamakura is an ancient former capital city with a rich history, just like Kyoto. After wandering around the extensive temple precincts, why not take a break and enjoy matcha green tea and Japanese sweets. The cafés introduced in this section are all located in temples. The temples have a serene atmosphere, beautiful evergreen bamboo groves, and cool, refreshing “rock and sand gardens.” A café break at a temple is sure to be a special memory of your trip to Kamakura.

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    1. Enjoying matcha green tea while viewing the “rock and sand garden” in the Kisen-an teahouse in the Jomyoji Temple

    Ranked 5th among the five great Rinzai (a Zen Buddhism sect) temples of Kamakura, Jomyoji Temple is a well-kept, beautiful temple located along the Kamakura-kaido Highway. The temple, which has a quiet, peaceful atmosphere, features a traditional “rock and sand garden” (karesansui).

    At the teahouse called Kisen-an, which is situated in the temple precincts, you can view the landscaped garden while enjoying matcha (Japanese powdered green tea) with dry Japanese sweets or seasonal fresh sweets made by Misuzu (a local Japanese confectionery maker).
    Seating is normally on the floor, but tables and chairs are provided for the benefit of senior citizens and foreign visitors.

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    2. Enjoy a relaxing time with anmitsu dessert at the An’nei teahouse in the Engakuji Temple

    Located very close to Kita-Kamakura Station, Engakuji Temple is a prestigious temple which is the headquarters of the Engakuji school of the Rinzai Buddhist sect, and is the 2nd-ranked of the five great Rinzai temples of Kamakura.
    After passing through the famous Sanmon Gate, a gentle slope leads through the precincts along the valley called yato between eroded hills, up to the sub-temple Nyoi-an, which houses the An’nei teahouse.

    After passing through the famous Sanmon Gate, a gentle slope leads through the precincts along the valley called yato between eroded hills, up to the sub-temple Nyoi-an, which houses the An’nei teahouse.

    An’nei is a special teahouse with limited opening hours; it is only open for a few hours on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and the second Saturday of every month.
    The limited opening hours allow the teahouse to provide a truly special experience, which is a once-in-a-lifetime encounter with warm hospitality and the specialty anmitsu dessert containing freshly-made fluffy shiratama, or rice-flour dumplings. The An’nei teahouse allows you to enjoy a peaceful, relaxing time, exactly as the meaning of its name implies.

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    3. Tasting matcha in the June-only tearoom while watching irises, Byakurensha in Tokeiji (Kitakamakura)

    Often called a “temple of flowers,” Tokeiji delights the eye of visitors with a variety of beautiful flowers that bloom from season to season: plum blossoms in February, magnolia blossoms in March … Of these, the iris flowers that blossom in June are particularly spectacular. The graceful purple petals of the irises (accompanied by hydrangeas) are the highlight of the temple. During the months, the Byakurensha teahouse is open and offers matcha green tea and fresh Japanese sweets. Enjoy a marvelous experience with matcha tea in this unique temple café.

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    4. Enjoy a breathtaking panoramic view of Yuigahama Beach from the Kaikoan Restaurant in Hasedera Temple! (located in Hase/Yuigahama)

    After visiting the famous Kan’non statue in Hasedera Temple, be sure to try the Daikichi Dango, sweet rice-flour dumplings that are sold at the observation platform.
    The temple restaurant Kaikoan serves the dumplings as well as other dishes. The specialties such as “Otera no Curry” (“Curry of the temple”) and “Otera no Pasta” (“Pasta of the temple”) are dishes based on the principles of the Shojin-ryori (vegetarian diet) espoused by the temple.

    Kanagawa Pref. Kamakurashi Yamanouchi 1367
    Hasedera Temple


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