ELLE SHOP: Bringing Japanese brands to the world



ELLE SHOP: Bringing Japanese brands to the world

ELLE SHOP is an online select shop produced by editors of ELLE JAPAN magazine. It carries a wide variety of items, from luxury brands selected from all over the world to up-and-coming brands and limited-edition items only available at ELLE SHOP.
It also delivers worldwide, sending the latest Japanese fashions to customers across the globe.
Here are the popular Japanese brands carried by ELLE SHOP.

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    MADISONBLUE is a brand launched by stylist Mariko Nakayama in the 2014 Spring/Summer season. Working off the concept of delivering high-quality pieces in a casual way, it offers shirts, jackets, bottoms and various other items. Each item is imbued with a stoic, designer-backed quality that has attracted enthusiastic support from discerning customers.

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    Wool pearl button distressed cardigan

    Crushed Sarouel Denim Pants

    L-2B long bomber jacket

  • 02


    “Ever more beautiful, ever more brilliant.” ANAYI delivers new modes of elegance through fashion.
    Every aspect, from the materials to the cut and fit, is carefully considered, resulting in beautiful clothes of outstanding quality that can be flexibly mixed and matched. Experience true quality and the joy of living a beautiful life.

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    Brushed wool middle cape coat

    Georgette ruffled bowtie blouse

    Linen like gilet style dress

  • 03


    ebure is a brand that provides impeccable quality and designs based on the concept of “clothes that inspire you to enjoy life even more.” They create clothes that perfectly fit your most fundamental ideas of what you like, accurately seeking out what you enjoy, what makes you comfortable and what is perfect for you. The brand name “ebure” is Latin for “ivory.”

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    Cotton tweed twill vest

    Tartan silk organza long pleated skirt

    Light wool rever short coat

  • 04


    MAISON SPECIAL uses materials and technologies exclusive to particular regions around the world and combines them with innovative but functional designs that capture the spirit of the present to produce clothing that makes every day special. Guided by the keywords "elation chic," which embodies excitement and the latest trends, "urbane business," which delivers superior-quality, minimalist office wear, and "modern rustic," which represents the spirit of the present through natural materials, the brand provides craft fashion with new value that combines high fashion with high-quality factory production. They have a full range of items that add excitement to your personal and professional life, whether you're busy or just taking it easy.

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    Collarless jacket jumpsuits

    Metallic lace short MA-1

    Satin cargo pants

  • 05


    Inspired by undyed, unfinished and unbleached fabric and raw goods, BEIGE delights in the inherent charm of the materials themselves, creating simple outfits that evoke and direct the focus to the essential nature of the wearer. The brand delivers collections that are sure to become staples, aimed at sophisticated women who wish to display their individuality in a casual, composed and unvarnished manner. It consists of “BEIGE,ecru” a casual line that embodies effortless and emotional sensations, and “Decade,” a line with a universal wardrobe of staples that will remain classic even after ten years.

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    Dolman sleeve blouse

    MADELEINE / Gilet

    MADELEINE / straight pants

  • 06


    allureville smoothly blends feminine elegance with masculine spice to create versatile styles that are ideal for any situation. It is a selective brand designed with the playful, positive and polished woman in mind. The brand is made of two original lines: the standard "allureville," which focuses on superior craftsmanship and has evolved with the times, and "lulu wilby," which specializes in dresses, divided into the "Moon" and "Sun" categories. In addition to these lines, they also mix and style items purchased in Japan and abroad to match various tastes and situations.

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    Bicolor pocket crew neck cardigan

    [LOULOU WILLOUGHBY] Matte cloth wide pants

    [Loulou Willoughby] Argyle Flower Tiered Dress

  • 07


    Shinzone was launched in March 2001 in Omotesando, Tokyo, based on the concept of selecting clothing that pairs well with denim. It combines high-end collection brands with vintage denim to deliver top-quality authentic clothing and stylish casual fashion that looks great with denim.

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    striped big shirt

    Shaggy Argyle Cardigan

    Chalk stripe pants

  • 08


    THE RERACS is an up-and-coming Japanese brand that debuted in 2010. Designer Naomi Kurahashi launched her brand after studying pattern making and textiles while working at a select shop. While pursuing basic but unconventional silhouettes and materials according to the trends of the times, THE RERACS delivers designs that flatter and beautify the wearer.

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    side open pullover blouse

    gurkha pants

    Double jacket coat

  • 09


    Based on the ideas of "dignified strength, intelligence, panache and an unshakable core," RIM.ARK produces clothing that enhances the beauty of independent women. Its main appeals are simple, minimalist designs pared down to the essentials, materials imbued with the spirit of fine craftsmanship, three-dimensional silhouettes, and trend-free timelessness. Their essential items showcase the inner richness of those who wear them. The brand’s selection is full of first-class items that can be worn in a variety of scenarios and that are sure to be treasured for many years.

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    Neck design box dress

    Under tuck volume 2way tops

    Waist rib knit dress

  • 10


    MUVEIL was launched by designer Michiko Nakayama in the Autumn/Winter season of 2007. The brand name is a combination of “muguet,” which means “lily of the valley” in French, and the English word “veil,” representing a wish for another's happiness from the shadows. MUVEIL is known and loved for its playful, feminine details designed to flatter women and simple, beautiful lines that can easily be incorporated into a daily wardrobe.

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    Calla lily motif coat

    bandana print dress

    flower lace dress

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