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Under the banner of a national “Go To Travel campaign” to stimulate travel within Japan to boost the local economies, the Japanese government has announced a series of measures. Here is a quick guide to help you understand such a campaign.

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    What is a Go To Travel Campaign?

    The Go To Travel campaign is a Japanese government subsidy encouraging domestic travel to help boost the economy. It also aims to bring business back to local tourism and hospitality operators, many of whom were forced to close during the coronavirus state of emergency. The discount ONLY applies to domestic trips and can be claimed up to a set limit. For day trips, travelers can receive a discount of up to 7,000yen and coupons of up to 3,000yen per trip. For overnight trips, the maximum discount that travelers can receive is 13,000 yen per person a night, while the maximum amount of coupons that can be received is 7,000 yen per person a night.

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    How can I get the discount?

    To receive the discount, you’ll need to book your trip with businesses that are registered with the campaign. There are several ways to book as follows.

    1) Book directly through at a registered hotel

    First, look for the participating businesses on the official Go To Travel Website here. (Japanese only)

    Then, book directly through the hotel that you chose. At this point, the prices don't include the promotion. To get the discount, you then need to access StayNavi and create your account to register for the discount.

    Once you’ve created your account, go to your personal page on StayNavi and click on the “ホテル” under “Go To トラベルクーポン発券” to apply for the discount. Key in all the details accordingly to what’s written. The page is only available in Japanese so if you need language assistance, ask someone around you that knows the language.

    Once you apply, on the personal page, there will be a coupon. Print out the coupon or take a screenshot of the page and bring it with you upon staying at the hotel. If you do not bring this discount ticket, you will have to pay the full amount.

    2)Book through
    To search for an eligible hotel, just look for the orange "Go To Travel" flag on the corner of the hotel listing on At the time of your booking, you pay 65% of the total cost for the accommodation or package. Booking through, travelers must apply through a different webpage for the 15% coupon issued in electronic form. See details on the next section, "How to apply for electronic coupon".

    Screen capture:

    Screen capture:

    3) Book through major Japanese travel agencies/booking systems

    On most major Japanese travel agencies/booking systems, the discounts are included in the promotion and upon booking, you’ll pay the discounted price directly through the agency/system. At the time of your booking, you pay 65% of the total cost for the accommodation or package, while the 15% in coupons will be issued to you by the travel agent or hotel either in physical or electronic form. This will change depending on the agency/system so upon booking, make sure to read the instructions carefully.

    Screen capture: Jalan

    Screen capture: Jalan

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    How to apply for electronic coupon

    Open (Japanese only) to visit the Go To Travel coupon page where you can claim your coupon starting from 15:00 JST on your check-in date. Key in all the details from your confirmation number, destination prefecture and travel agent ID.
    e.g travel agent id is listed here.
    Keep in mind that the coupon will expire after your check-out date. And coupons are non-refundable and you cannot receive change when you pay with the coupons.

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    Where can I use the coupon?

    Go To Travel has released a list of participating businesses and locations. This will include souvenir shops, restaurants, tourist attractions and activities. The list is only available in Japanese but can be found here. To use the electronic/digital coupon, look for the QR code at the participating venues for you to scan. After using the coupon, it will be deducted from your account. For physical coupon, simply hand the coupon at the purchase of your items to the cashier. Keep in mind that both physical and digital coupons will only be valid for use in the designated prefectures and on the designated dates of travel.

    Look for these signs to find participating businesses and locations that the coupon can be used

    Look for these signs to find participating businesses and locations that the coupon can be used

    Sample of physical coupon

    Sample of physical coupon

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    When does the campaign end?

    Tentatively, the campaign is expected to end on January 31st 2021.

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    How many times can I use the campaign?

    There is no limit on how many trips you can make during the campaign period or on the length of each trip.

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    Who is eligible for the campaign?

    Both the Japanese citizens and foreign residents living in Japan are eligible for this campaign. This campaign is only aimed for the residents, not for those visiting from abroad. For foreign residents, they must have their Residence Card (Zairyu Card; 在留カード) with you as a proof of eligibility and your address.

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