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Experience the convenience of travelling using the Tokyo Metro.



24. April. 2020

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More tourists than ever before will be coming to Tokyo for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. When traveling in and around Tokyo trains are the most convenient means of transportation, but Tokyo’s trains are reputed to be rather complicated due to the sheer amount of different trains and train lines.

The two main train companies in Tokyo are JR East and Tokyo Metro. Tokyo Metro’s route network is very well developed. For example, there are many routes that have connections to buses when traveling by Tokyo Metro from Narita Airport towards central Tokyo.

If you’re a first-time traveler to Tokyo you’ll most likely be confused by Tokyo’s large number of private railways and the different ways to ride the trains and buy tickets, so be sure to have a good read of this article to help you navigate around Tokyo.

Experience the convenience of travelling using the Tokyo Metro.


  • How to purchase a one-way ticket at a Tokyo Metro ticket vending machine
  • How to buy PASMO card using a ticket vending machine
  • A great ticket! Purchase a Tokyo Metro Pass

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