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11 common things to know about riding Japanese trains



11. January. 2020

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In Tokyo and many other cities across Japan, people ride the trains every day. As they are a convenient way of accessing tourist spots, they’re also a popular way for visitors to get around. You might have heard that there is a certain etiquette associated with riding the trains in Japan, so in this article, we’ll explain some of the manners expected and common encounters you may have on Japanese trains.

11 common things to know about riding Japanese trains


  • 1. Commuting during “rush hour” is best avoided
  • 2. What are direct trains?
  • 3. Do you need to exit the ticket gates even when you are transferring?
  • 4. Your IC card balance cannot be negative!
  • 5. Japanese trains are warm in winter!
  • 6. Do you need to push a button to open the doors?
  • 7. Women who don’t like crowds can opt for the "Women Only" cars
  • 8. What do you do if you drop something on the tracks?
  • 9. What are the main reasons for train delays?
  • 10. There are many stairs!
  • 11. Basic train rules

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