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While Narita is quite far from the city center, Haneda is a refreshing breeze for those who travel a lot. Travel costs are significantly lower, and depending on your location the trip can be much faster, though not as comfortable if you're on the trains. This is our guide for Haneda Airport, but check out our Narita Transport Guide if you're landing there. For the most accurate train timetables and costs, be sure to use the Transit Search function of this app.

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    Getting the Train

    Because Haneda is so close to downtown you don't have the high-end comfort option of trains like the Skyliner and Narita Express, and will most likely need to switch trains at some point, so be prepared for a bit of walking arround.
    The first thing you should do is purchase and charge an e-money card at the airport train station to save hassle when switching trains.

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    Keikyu Airport Line

    This is a fairly normal train line with bench seats, but it will get you from the airport quickly. The line makes a stop at Keikyu-Kamata where you can continue on to central Tokyo or switch trains and get to Yokohama easily (around 27 minutes total). The main departure point for most is Shinagawa, with the trip taking around 24 minutes for 410 yen, but carries on to stops like Shimbashi, Nihonbashi, Asakusa, and Oshiage so it's best to check in advance with our Transit Search feature or at the airport.

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    Tokyo Monorail

    For many travelers the monorail will be a faster and easier trip, and with more comfortable seating, and goes along the edge of Tokyo Bay for some nice views. However, if the monorail is crowded you may find yourself standing or sitting knee-to-knee with another traveler as many of the seats face each other. The line departs very close to the airport exit so it's an easy walk, and there is a baggage area onboard so you don't have to hold them close.

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    Limousine Bus

    While trains will get you to other train stations, the Limousine Bus service will often bring you much closer to your hotel, if not directly to the hotel entrance. For those who don't want to carry their bags much and have a hotel near (or at) one of the arrival points, this is the way to go. A one-way trip varies depending on your location, but can start around 1,000 yen, or 2,000 yen for a night bus after midnight (after the trains have stopped). Be sure to check their timetable (link below) to see if the arrival points are at or near your hotel.

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    Taxis and hired cars

    Because it's closer to downtown, you may feel like splurging for a taxi, though it's still much more expensive for a single rider and could reach 10,000 yen depending on location. However, if you book a car in advance you can get them at fixed fares starting at 6,400 yen (plus minimal highway tolls), and reduce the need to walk or carry your bags much.

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    Renting a car at the airport makes your trip easy going by forgetting about your luggage after you store it in the trunk, and not caring about time tables of transportation.
    In the case of Haneda Airport, go to the information counter and inform them that you are renting a car. The rent-a-car staff will pick you up and take you to their counter. Don’t forget to bring you passport and a valid international driving license.
    Nippon Rent-A-Car is available 24 hours so even if you arrive at the airport by a late or early morning flight, there are no worries to wait for the trains and buses to start operating. It is possible to return your car to another location too.
    For the most standard type of vehicle, the fee is approximately 10,000yen per day, and each additional day will cost 8,000~9,000yen. If you are traveling in a big party, this will be a reasonable transportation to consider.

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    Express Trains:

    -Easy to transfer to other train lines on arrival
    -Fast transport times
    -Free Wi-Fi

    -When you arrive you'll need to bring your bags through busy train stations, then make your way to your hotel on foot or by taxi
    -Trains stop around midnight, so late flights require the Limousine Bus or a taxi

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    -Wide variety of arrival points
    -Goes straight to the door of many major hotels so less walking involved
    -Free Wi-Fi (must sign-up at the airport)

    -Transport time less predictable
    -Can be a bit more expensive than trains (but not much)

    The Royal Park Hotel Tokyo Handa Airport Terminal 3

    2-6-5 Ota-ku Tokyo

    • The Royal Park Hotel Tokyo Handa Airport Terminal 3
    • The Royal Park Hotel Tokyo Handa Airport Terminal 3
    • The Royal Park Hotel Tokyo Handa Airport Terminal 3
    • The Royal Park Hotel Tokyo Handa Airport Terminal 3
    • The Royal Park Hotel Tokyo Handa Airport Terminal 3

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