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How to Rent a Car in Japan



21. September. 2019

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If you are coming to Japan, are planning on getting out of the main centers of Tokyo or Osaka, and are able to get an International Drivers License, we highly recommend renting a car. The freedom that comes with driving while on holiday in Japan cannot be understated, making it easy to get to that out of the way restaurant, onsen, or ryokan. If you are travelling with family or a group of friends, driving can also be cheaper and far less hassle than taking public transport.

How to Rent a Car in Japan


  • Rental Companies
  • Preparing to drive in Japan
  • Renting a car
  • Make a reservation on their website before you arrive
  • Arriving at the airport
  • Interpretation Service
  • Picking up the car
  • Check the car
  • How to navigate
  • ETC Card
  • Don’t forget the rules
  • Filling up your gas tank
  • Special Offer

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