Discover Genbikei Gorge with the JR East Pass (Tohoku Area)



Discover Genbikei Gorge with the JR East Pass (Tohoku Area)

The trees along the banks of the river change from season to season, and the beautiful and majestic huge stones and strange rocks along the river are a delight to the eyes of visitors. Yet, the highlight of this gorge is indefinitely the flying dango, a Japanese sweet dumplings. Some may get confused with the nearby Geibikei Gorge, but this Genbikei Gorge also is as pleasing to both the eyes and the souls and this natural beauty will surely entertain the visitors.

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    Natural Beauty in Landscape

    Day trip or an overnight trip, the Genbikei Gorge like Geibikei Gorge can be easily accessible using the JR East Pass (Tohoku area). This pass offers foreign passport holders five-day unlimited trips on shinkansen, express, and local trains across distinct prefectures in the Tohoku regions; Akita, Aomori, Fukushima, Iwate, Miyagi, and Yamagata. It allows the visitors to spontaneously travel without worrying too much about their budget.
    This Genbikei Gorge is a natural structure carved out and formed by the erosion of the Iwai River originating from Mount Kurikoma that continues along the valley for about 2 km. Various dynamic views of waterfalls, potholes, unique rocks, and abyss in the gorge create a beautiful contrast of colors reflected by the emerald green water and trees throughout the year.

    In particular, when the autumn leaves blend in with the green trees in the fall and the late April when the Teizan cherry trees planted along both banks are in full bloom, the area holds an exceptional beauty beyond words. The view from Tengu Bridge, a landmark located in the middle of Genbikei Gorge, is breathtaking and attracts many tourists during the day. During this time, the gorge is crowded with tourists, not only from within the prefecture, but also from neighboring Akita and Miyagi prefectures, as well as from Tokyo and other parts of the Kanto regions. It is recommended to go early in the morning to capture the moment all to yourself.

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    Hiking (Downstream Course)

    This gorge is a great place for a casual stroll, with well-developed walking paths that are easy to follow. Many visitors tend to choose the 30-minute walk around the area downstream from the Tengu Bridge and through the Goran Suspension Bridge. The bridge can be quite shaky when crossing over. One of the highlights during the hike is the 400-year-old Teizan Cherry blossoms which blooms on the two sides of the river. This cherry are said to have been planted by Masamune Date who was a famed daimyō known as the "One-Eyed Dragon". This cherry still blooms in spring after nearly 400 years and the combination of cherry blossoms and the gorge is a rare sight that can only be seen at Genbikei Gorge.

    Geographically valuable, a pothole created by the flow of the water which can be seen in between the hike is also another landscape not to be missed. Because of its existence, such potholes are so rare that it has been designated as a natural monument in Japan.

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    Flying Dango

    The Flying Dango of Ichinoseki
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    20 mins bus ride from JR Ichinoseki Station.

    From Tokyo or Ueno Station (Covered with JR East Pass (Tohoku Area))

    Take the Tohoku Shinkansen, stopping at Ichinoseki Station. One way journey will take 2 hours.

    Change to bus and catch the 10 or 11 bus route and get off at Genbikei Gorge. There is two buses per hour but its subject to change. The bus is not covered hy the JR East Pass (Tohoku Area).

    Genbikei Gorge
    Iwate Pref. Ichinosekishi Gembichou Minamitakinoue
    Open 24 hours
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    Discover Geibikei Gorge with the JR East Pass (Tohoku Area)
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