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What to Buy in Ibusuki



What to Buy in Ibusuki
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    Onsen tamago are eggs lightly cooked in onsen water and are usually called “ontama” for short. However, in Ibusuki, they cook ontama in the hot sand instead of water and call it “ontamaran” which is play on words meaning “irresistible ontama.” There are many variations of this dish with different topping combinations and an ontama served over a bowl of rice.

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    Ontamaran Buta

    This is one popular incarnation of Ontamaran-do. This variation is made with 黒豚 kurobuta the black haired pig bred in the region and famous throughout Japan. Ontamaran is not a traditional dish of the area, but more of a recent novelty for tourists.

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    Tosenkyo Nagashi Somen

    Nagashi somen is a traditional summer dish served by sending noodles down a cool stream of water along a bamboo slide. You catch the noodles as they pass you and dip them in a refreshing sauce. In 1967, an Ibusuki local invented a machine that constantly circulates water to allow people to enjoy the meal while sitting in a group at a table – rain or shine. There are a few shops specializing in this unique twist on the classic. You can also easily find machines so you can make the dish at home!

    Tosenkyo Nagashi Somen

    Tosenkyo Nagashi Somen

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    If you make it over to the samurai district in the Chiran area, be sure to pick up some green tea. The samurai of the area used to grow green tea to make a little extra cash and since the Edo Period, the region has been well-known for its delicious tea.

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