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Ski and Snowboard Resorts in Tochigi

  • Hunter Mountain Shiobara
    Tochigi Pref. Nasushiobarashi Yumotoshiobara Front black
    A ski resort in Maekuro Yumoto-Shiobara Nasu-Shiobara City. The ski resort offers a three kilometer downhill trail a Snow Park equipped with a half pipe and kicker The Kids Park with plenty to do such as the sledding slope and the Family Park where families can have fun together. As well as ski and snowboard lessons the resort provides plenty of facilities including six restaurants and shops.
  • Edelweiss Ski Resort
    Tochigi Pref. Nikkoushi Kawajionsentakahara Chicken soup
    Edelweiss Ski Resort has 12 courses and five lifts for the enjoyment of everyone from beginners to advanced level skiers. They also have a full-fledged school teaching skiing and snowboarding; you can even take the Japan Snowboard Association Instructor Exam there. They also have a kids park and a free dog run with natural non-compact snow.
  • Mt. Jeans Nasu
    Tochigi Pref. Nasugunnasumachi Oshima
    Mt. Jeans Nasu has numerous slopes for intermediate level skiers. It’s divided into various zones including its Snow Play Area and the Snowshoe Area around the Gondola Summit, the Beginners Slope that as a whole is called Beginners Park, and the Kids Park near the Base Lodge. For advanced level skiers, the Wild Wood Road runs through a wooded area with beech trees and features a steep run with moguls part way down.