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Ski and Snowboard Resorts in Fukushima

    Fukushima Pref. Yamagunkitashiobaramura Hibara Wild sand lot
    Visitors can enjoy skiing and snowboarding at GRANDECO SNOW RESORT during the season as well as being a place to experience three of the one hundred top mountains in Japan regardless of the season. Enjoy a spectacular view of Urabandai Plateau from the panorama gondola reaching an altitude of approximately 1400 meters. There are guided tours of the DECODAIRA Marshlands which located at 1320 meters above sea level is ideal as a trekking spot. It is approximately 30 minutes by car from Inawashiro-Bandaikogen Interchange on the Ban-etsu Expressway.
  • Hoshino Resorts Alts Bandai
    Fukushima Pref. Yamagumbandaimachi Sarashina ShimizuPei 6838 - 68
    This is a ski resort spreading over the foot of Mt. Bandai about 15 minutes by car from Bandai-Kawahigashi Interchange. Access is good and there is a shuttle bus straight to the slopes from Koriyama Station a stop on the Tohoku Shinkansen line. The vast slopes overlooking Mt Bandai and Lake Inawashiro are in the perfect location. There are 29 diverse courses from beginners to advanced skiers where a large number of people can enjoy the whole day. There are also many shops for ski equipment rental or purchase. There are also restaurants and cafés where you can taste the ski resort cuisine as well as a daycare room for children.
  • Inawashiro Ski Resort
    Fukushima Pref. Yamaguninawashiromachi Hayama 7105
    This is a well-established ski resort in the Inawashiro Town part of Fukushima Prefecture’s Yama-gun with a wider area than surrounding resorts. The resort is separated into the “Ina Chu EASY Area” open to everyone with courses aimed for kids beginners and seasoned professionals and the “Minero CRAZY Area” with courses aimed at intermediate level and above where one can feel the exhilaration of jumping towards Lake Inawashiro. There are also kids ski/snowboard classes for beginners and first-timers.
  • Aizu Kogen Takatsue Ski Resort
    Fukushima Pref. Minamiaidugunminamiaidumachi Takatsuehara 535
    This is a ski resort on Takatsue Hara in the Aizu highlands. It boasts a spectacular panoramic view from the top and fine powder snow. There are various courses tailored to a range of levels from beginner to advanced including a family course which can be enjoyed safely with small children as well as a top hill course with a maximum inclination of 36 degrees. In addition there are facilities to enjoy after skiing such as a resort hotel overlooking the ski resort and a day hot spring “Shirakaba no yu.”
  • Hoshino Resorts Nekoma Snow Park & Resort
    Fukushima prefecture Yama-gun, Kitashiobara village Hinohara Komagami mountain 1163
    This is a ski resort famous for its powder snow located about 40 minutes by car from Inawashiro-Bandaikogen Interchange. The ski slope spreading across the northern slope of Mt. Nekomagadake has good quality snow throughout the season and offers 13 courses from beginners to advanced skiers. Visitors can also enjoy the world top level course which professional snowboarders use as a practice area for slopestyle competitions. In the restaurant you can enjoy ski resort food such as ramen noodles and large portions of cutlet and curry.
  • Grandee Hatoriko Ski Resort
    Fukushima Pref. Iwasegunteneimura Hatori Lake Plateau
    Grandee Hatoriko Ski Resort is a ski resort developed to the south of Lake Hatori on the 1510 meter-high Mt. Kamafusa. What makes the ski slope at Grandee Hatoriko Ski Resort special is that the slope has a gentle gradient all the way down so that even beginners can ski all the way down from the summit. This is the only ski resort in Fukushima Prefecture with a high-speed quad ski lift; first-time skiers can reach the mountain top with its spectacular views in just five minutes. Accommodation is available at a ski lodge located right in front of the ski slope. Grandee Hatoriko Ski Resort makes planning your ski trip really easy; you can enjoy skiing until time is up and then relax in the ski lodge’s large baths.
  • Grand Sunpia Inawashiro Resort Hotel & Ski
    Fukushima Pref. Yamaguninawashiromachi Wataba 7126
    A resort and ski location located in Inawashiro Town Yama County Fukushima prefecture. There are nine ski courses available from beginner to advanced. There is also a sled slope for kids at the base of the mountain. In addition to the short-distance lifts the gondola goes directly to the top of the mountain. The ski slopes are managed directly by the resort hotel which offers discounts for lift pass + lodging plans. The gondola operates in summer as well to the delight of mountain visitors hoping to enjoy the nature of Mt. Bandai.
  • Aizu Kogen Daikura Ski Resort
    Fukushima Pref. Minamiaidugunminamiaidumachi Haryu Hirutakiyama 857-150
    Aizu Kogen Daikura Ski Resort is a municipal ski resort run by Minami-Aizu township. There are a total of 11 slopes to suit all abilities from beginners to experts. The Daichan Park located near the lodge has a range of children’s play equipment including roller slides etc.; on weekends the resort’s mascot “Dai-chan” makes an appearance here. At the restaurant visitors can enjoy famous local Aizu specialties such as “Sauce Katsudon” (a bowl of rice topped with a deep-fried pork cutlet served with Worcestershire sauce) and Shoyu Ramen (ramen noodles served in a broth flavored with soy sauce).
  • Urabandai Ski Resort
    no image
    Higashiyama Higashiyama 1170-5 Kitashiobara Village, Yama-gun, Fukushima Prefecture
    A ski resort located in Kitashiobara Village, Yama County, Fukushima Prefecture. In addition to courses for all skill levels, the resort also has a family slope. In addition, the resort offers snowshoe trekking tours during which participants can view the beautiful natural winter scenery of Urabandai as well as the area’s famous “yellow fall” frozen waterfalls dyed yellow by sulfur and iron deposits. The resort is visited by large numbers of local families as well as skiers from far and wide.
  • Aizukogen Takahata Ski Area
    Fukushima Pref. Minamiaidugunminamiaidumachi Omomo Ichinomama 20-3
    A ski resort located in Minamiaizu Town, Minamiaizu County, Fukushima Prefecture. The resort has a total of 10 courses for beginners to experts. There’s also a free rest space and restaurant—the fresh-baked bread and karaage fried chicken are particularly popular. Many skiers from far and wide come here. The resort is for skiing only and snowboarding is prohibited.