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Ski and Snowboard Resorts in Miyagi

  • Miyagi Zao Sumikawa Snow Park
    Miyagi Pref. Kattagunzaoumachi Togattaonsen Kuraishi-dake in national forest Grandehaus
    This ski resort is located about 20 minutes by car on the Zao Echo Line from Togatta Onsen. Besides skiing, they offer a variety of activities such as snowshoe trekking, snow monster (snow bound tree) viewing tours, and tours up to Mt. Zao’s snowy crater. It’s fun for the whole family with many slopes for everyone from beginners to advanced level skiers. From Kumowaku Terrace on the roof of the rest house you can enjoy a meal while taking in the amazing view of clouds welling up from the Kumowaku Valley.
  • Miyagi Zao Eboshi Resort
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    Miyagi Pref. Kattagunzaoumachi Togattaonsen Kuraishi-dake National Forest
    This is Miyagi Prefecture’s largest ski resort. It has 10 runs of different sizes including the Dynamic Course which is 4,300 meters in length with a difference in height of 700 meters. There are no snowboard restrictions. There is also a kids’ slope as well as ones for beginners. The resort plans events for each weekend of the ski season; a particular example is the snow fireworks display at the end of January. The resort is also used as a trekking course in the off-season. There is a taro potato stew party in September.
  • Snow & Green Resort Onikoube
    Miyagi Pref. Osakishi Narukonsenonikoube Komukai Hara 9-55
    This ski resort in Kurikoma Quasi-National Park is surrounded by majestic mountains and has a super variety of runs. The slopes are divided into ridge and foot of the mountain areas and cater to everyone from beginner to expert level skiers. Forest Road descends Koshiba Peak; it’s a popular beginner and intermediate level course with a panoramic view and great snow quality where you’ll encounter beech trees bound in snow. They’re open for night skiing on Saturdays, Sundays, holidays, and during the New Year period.
  • Izumigatake Ski Resort
    Miyagi Pref. Sendaishi Izumi-ku Fukuoka Mountainyama 9-4
    This ski resort is located on the southeastern slope of Mt. Izumigatake in Sendai City. You can reach it from the city center within an hour, and it has a view of the whole city. They have gentle beginner courses as well as an advanced short turn course that starts near the summit, and they offer discounted weekday tickets for women and a student discount. Their open winter season is from the end of December until March. During the green season it’s packed with visitors who come for water jumping and paragliding.
  • Spring Valley Izumi Kogen Ski Resort
    Miyagi Pref. Sendaishi Izumi-ku Fukuoka Mt. Mountain 14-2
    This ski resort located on the northeastern slope of Mt. Izumigatake is a 40-minute drive from downtown Sendai City. During the winter they have night skiing every evening until 22:00, so you can drop by even after a long day. They have a diversity of 12 mostly intermediate and advanced level courses, with a combination of fluffy natural snowfall and their artificial snow providing stable conditions. Their snow park is the largest in Miyagi Prefecture and has a kicker and a variety of jib items.
  • Miyagi Zao St. Mary Ski Resort
    Miyagi Pref. Shibatagunkawasakimachi Imashuku Inonosawa 3-10
    At about 40 minutes from Sendai and about 25 minutes from Yamagata, this ski resort on National Route 286 has good access. Its 100-meter wide Milky Way Course descends from above the Yamagata Expressway providing an action packed, high-speed downhill run. The beginner level Starlight course and its lift also pass above the expressway. With a highest gradient of 35 degrees, the Planet Course is for advanced level skiers only.
  • Miyagi Zao Shiroishi Ski Resort
    Miyagi Pref. Shiroishishi Fukuokayatsumiya Fubouzan Nothing
    Located about 17 kilometers from the Shiroishi Interchange on the Tohoku Expressway, this resort mainly caters to families. It has seven courses, one quad lift, and three pair lifts. At the center house you’ll find the lift ticket and equipment rental counters, a restaurant, a shop, and the resort’s school. In front of the center there is a kids park which has a playscape with an air dome. It’s a popular ski spot where children can sled or play in the snow while parents keep an eye on them.