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Ski and Snowboard Resorts in Hokkaido / Tohoku

  • Niseko Hanazono Resort
    Hokkaido Abutagunkucchanchou Iwaobetsu 328-36
    This is one of the Niseko United resorts, along with Niseko Annupuri, Niseko Village, and Niseko Grand Hirafu. It’s located northeast of Niseko Annupuri. Freestyle items like jibs, kickers, and quarter pipes are added as needed at Hanazono Park. It’s Hokkaido’s largest terrain park and holds freestyle events. It has lots of other ways to have fun, too, like guided powder tours and a tube park.
  • Furano Ski Resort
    Hokkaido Furanoshi Nakagoryou
    Furano Ski Resort is a ski resort in Furano owned by New Furano Prince Hotel. There are two areas with a total of 24 courses can be enjoyed by advanced through to beginner skiers; the Kitanomine zone has good quality snow and a diverse array of courses while the Furano zone mainly has long run courses. In January to February you can ski on a surface of dry powder snow. Snowboarding is available on all courses. There is also a kids experience program which is perfect for first-time skiers and playing in the snow.
  • Inawashiro Ski Resort
    Fukushima Pref. Yamaguninawashiromachi Hayama 7105
    This is a well-established ski resort in the Inawashiro Town part of Fukushima Prefecture’s Yama-gun with a wider area than surrounding resorts. The resort is separated into the “Ina Chu EASY Area” open to everyone with courses aimed for kids beginners and seasoned professionals and the “Minero CRAZY Area” with courses aimed at intermediate level and above where one can feel the exhilaration of jumping towards Lake Inawashiro. There are also kids ski/snowboard classes for beginners and first-timers.
  • Zao Onsen Ski Resort
    Yamagata Pref. Yamagatashi Zaouonsen 708-1
    This is a ski resort located in Zao Onsen Yamagata City Yamagata Prefecture boasting the largest land area in Tohoku. The courses have a wide variety of length and inclines and it is also enjoyed by school excursion parties as well as families and couples. The upper ice-field course offers a wide view of the signature frost-covered trees. Seeing the magical frost-covered trees illuminated at night is a must. The Zao Onsen town spreads out from the mountain’s foot.
  • Appi Kogen Ski Resort
    Iwate Pref. Hachimantaishi Appikougen
    This is a popular ski resort that cares about the quality of its slopes and where guests can enjoy “aspirin snow” which is fluffy powder snow with little humidity. There are 21 various runs including long courses that even beginners can enjoy and ungroomed snow courses with a maximum gradient of 32 degrees intended for those more advanced making for a snow resort with something for everyone from families to expert skiers and snowboarders. On site is a ski and snowboard school that offers various lessons to help students improve safely and enjoyably. In addition to its slopes the resort has a complete restaurant and lounge area that groups and families will appreciate.
  • Sapporo Kokusai Ski Resort
    Hokkaido Sapporoshi Minami-ku Jouzankei 937 ahead
    This ski resort is in Sapporo's Minami Ward. The expansive resort has seven slopes for everyone from beginners to experts. There are also snowboard courses and children's slopes so snowboarders and family groups are also welcome. They also offer clothing and other rentals as well as ski-related goods for sale.
  • Sapporo Bankei Ski Area
    Hokkaido Sapporoshi Chuou-ku Bankei 410
    Ski resort in Sapporo City in Chuo Ward. Lots of visitors use this ski resort in the winter but summer offers a wide variety of activities as well. Try the tennis courts the park golf course and other outdoor leisure activities. They also offer ski rentals and skiing classes for beginners.
  • Sapporo Moiwayama Ski Resort
    no image
    Hokkaido Sapporoshi Minami-ku Moiwashita 1991
    A ski resort opened in 1960 and located in Sapporo City Hokkaido. Located very close to urban Sapporo the resort is for skiers only and is the only slope in Hokkaido to prohibit snowboarding. The resort has 10 different courses and everyone from beginners to advanced skiers can have fun here. The Sapporo Moiwayama Ski Resort Festival is also held here each year and the facility is a popular destination for locals.
  • Mt. Kamoi Ski Resort
    Hokkaido Utashinaishi Kashin 95-9
    Ski resort in Utashinai City Hokkaido with two ski runs the West Gelande and the East Gelande. Both of which have an abundance of gradients perfect for advanced skiers and beginners. They also offer general skiing classes and a competitive skiing school equipped with a large course used in competitions.
  • Hoshino Resorts Tomamu Ski Area
    Hokkaido Yufutsu-gun Shimukappu village Tomamu
    This ski resort is operated by Hoshino Resorts Tomamu in Shimukappu Village, Yufutsu County, Hokkaido. Its season typically runs from December first to April first. With a variety of 29 courses catering to beginners, intermediate, and advanced level skiers, including an open area for advanced skiers only, you’ll definitely find the right run for your level. It fills with families, too, and there are great areas for kids learning to ski such as their Nipo Town zone.