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Onsen in Fukui

  • Kuzuryu Onsen
    Fukui Ono-shi Shimoyama 63-2-24
    The waters of this simple alkaline hot spring, owned and operated by Hotel Furearu Izumi, are said to be a natural soap. The hotel commands a view of Mt. Arashimadake, considered one of Japan's 100 most famous mountains, and at night, visitors can enjoy star-filled skies. The hot spring's waters are said to refresh body and soul, promoting health, recovery from fatigue, and post-illness convalescence, in addition to treating such ailments as nerve pain, muscle soreness, frozen shoulders, motor paralysis, joint pain, bruises, sprains, chronic digestive diseases, hemorrhoids, sensitivity to cold. The hotel's bathhouse facilities are open to non-guests, making it easy for anyone to enjoy the relaxing and curative hot spring bathing here. The hotel offers day trip, barbecue, couple's, and family plans, and visitors can also enjoy the bountiful culinary fruits of Echizen-Ono and the Sea of Japan in the hotel's restaurant.
      nerve pain
      muscle soreness
      joint pain
      aid recovery from fatigue
  • Awara Onsen
    Fukui Awara-shi Onsen 1-1-1
    First opened in 1883, this hot spring district is one of Fukui Prefecture's most well-known and boasts a deep-seated popularity among many hot spring lovers. Numerous hot spring hotels with lovely gardens stand eve to even amidst quiet and tranquil rural scenery, and this charming air has resulted in the area gaining the nickname the retreat of theKansai region. The area's hot springs are primarily earthy chloride common salt springs containing an abundance of sodium and potassium, but there are several source springs in the district and visitors can enjoy slightly differing spring properties depending on the location and facility. A pass called the Awara Onsen Yumeguri Tegata is sold at tourist information centers which include three visits to hot spring bathhouses in the district.
      [Bathing] rheumatism
      Chronic dermatitis
      nerve pain
      Atopic dermatitis\[drinking] chronic gastritis