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Onsen in Tokyo

  • Miharayama Onsen
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    Tokyo Oshimamachi
    A hot spring area rich in natural beauty sprawling in the vicinity of Mt. Mihara, a mountain in the center of Izu Oshima Island. The smooth, velvety waters of this simple spring are gentle on the skin and are not prone to causing dizziness even after long bathing sessions, and as such are a favorite of men and women of all ages. The Oshima Onsen Hotel, located at the seventh station on Mt. Mihara, is the hot spring area’s only hotel; the hotel’s vaunted outdoor bath offers a sweeping view of the vast, beautiful scenery of Mt. Mihara.
  • Tsurunoyu Onsen
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    Tokyo Nishitama-gun Okutamamachi
    An ancient hot spring area which has been in use since the distant Nanboku-cho period. The area’s therapeutic hot spring bathhouses and source spring were submerged at the bottom of Lake Okutama with the building of Ogouchi Dam in 1957. In response to local residents and hot spring enthusiasts seeking the continued existence of this historic hot spring area, a facility was constructed in 1991 to pump the waters of the source spring up from the ground, restoring it to its former glory.