Style / Fashion Spots in Central Okinawa / Western Coast Area

  • oHacorte Minatogawa Main Branch
    79 Reviews
    Style / Fashion
    Okinawa Pref. Urasoeshi Minatogawa 2-17-1#18
    [oHacorte] Minatogawa Main Branch is an exotic tartlet shop located in the corner of residential district for foreigners in Minatogawa, Urazoe City. A fruit tartlet with fresh seasonal fruit and lightly sweetened cream on top of crispy puff pastry baked slowly is superb and popular as a souvenir or a gift. An eat-in area and a variety shop which handles daily items and interior goods are also attached.

    My 2 kids love confectioneries, so when I read about oHacorte, I was determined to have them try their tarts. The tarts were gorgeous. We bought a blueberry one that costs ¥860 and a mixed fruits...

  • Fujii General Clothing Store okinawa
    Style / Fashion
    Okinawa Pref. Urasoeshi Minatogawa 2-15-7 Nevada Street 29
    This boutique, which sits on a corner of the foreigner district in Minatogawa, Urasoe City, exudes an exotic atmosphere. It’s filled with select clothes, accessories, plates, teacups, and many other “Yachimun” goods chosen by the store owner that remain unchanged by age and trends. Put them to use and enjoy their old-fashioned charm. Also of note is the shop interior, which retains its original foreign design.
  • Midori no Kaze
    Style / Fashion
    Okinawa Pref. Urumashi Katsurenhama 103-3
    Located across from the port of Hamahiga Island is a glass bead workshop that gazes out on the beautiful sea. Glass beads with resplendent colors line the shelves, and visitors can observe the creation process. You can even make your own glass bead accessory or try your hand at dyeing using dye made from the fukugi tree.
  • mofgmona no zakka
    Style / Fashion
    Okinawa Pref. Ginowanshi Ginowan 2-1-29-301
    mofgmona no zakka is a general store situated on a road that runs just to the east of Okinawa International University. The store developed out of the mofgmona café that is located on the First Floor of the same building, and sells an interesting range of items, including Yachimun ceramics selected by the owner (some of which are the same as those used in the café).
  • Tsubo pottery studio
    Style / Fashion
    Okinawa Pref. Nakagamigunyomitanson Nagahama 925-2
    Tsubo pottery studio located in Yomitan Village in the middle of Okinawa Main Island is the studio and gallery shop of Koji Iki, a “yachimun” craftsman which is a traditional Okinawan craft. In the gallery area on the second floor, there is a line of yachimun which shows the beautiful contrast between the shiny transparent white and bright navy reminiscent of Okinawa’s sea. There is a plentiful variety of pottery, such as large plates, small bowls, rice bowls, and teacups.
  • Nihonsei Shima Zori Senmonten Okichu
    Style / Fashion
    Okinawa Nakagami-gun Chatancho Mihama 9-1 Depot Island Building E Building 1F
    "Okichu Island Sandals is a shop that specializes in beach sandals and is located inside Depot Island in Mihama, Chatan Town, Nakagami County. The shima zori (beach sandals) that the shop sells are made by hand one at a time in the company's own plant in Okinawa. These simple sandals are made up of only two components, the footbed and the thong. Every step of the manufacturing process is carried out with the utmost care, beginning with selection of the materials, and the resulting sandals are characterized by high quality and a wide variety of colors. In addition to the standard type of sandal, a unique style featuring a footbed with five ""toes"" is also available."
  • Okinawa Orgorudo
    Style / Fashion
    Okinawa Nakagami-gun Chatancho Mihama 9-46
    "Okinawa Orgel Doh is a shop that specializes in music boxes. It is located in Mihama Town Resort, American Village in Mihama, Chatan Town, Nakagami County. It exhibits and sells about 1,500 types of music boxes with more than 10,000 items, including some that play Okinawan melodies and some that are designed with Okinawan motifs, such as the ""shisa,"" a mythical animal. The shop also contains an area where customers can enjoy the experience of making music boxes."
  • Ryukyu Leather L.L.A. Mihama Store
    Style / Fashion
    Okinawa Chatancho Mihama 2-8-4
    Okinawa Nakagami-gun Kitanakagusukuson Se section Uchi 4 -gaiku AEON MALL Okinawa Rycom
  • Voyage (VOYAGE)
    2 Reviews
    Style / Fashion
    Okinawa Ginowan-shi Kiyuna 1-31-1


  • Azami Ya San-A Urasoe Nishi Kaigan PARCOCITY
    1 Reviews
    Style / Fashion
    Okinawa Urasoe-shi Irijima 3-1-1 San-A Urasoe Nishi Kaigan PARCOCITY 1F

    浦添のサンエーパルコシティの1階にあるお店です。こちらの店舗へは、初めて訪問しました。 こちらのお店は、八重山みんさー織りの専門店で、バッグやかりゆしウェア、小物などを販売しています。 今回は東京の友人から頼まれた、八重山みんさー織りの小物を購入しました。

  • WORKMANPlus Urasoe Kyozuka
    Style / Fashion
    Okinawa Urasoe-shi Kyozuka 392
  • WORKMAN Plus Chatan Kokutaidoro
    Style / Fashion
    Okinawa Nakagami-gun Chatancho Kamisedo 811-2
  • WORKMAN Okinawa Awase
    Style / Fashion
    Okinawa Okinawa-shi Awase 4-chome 1-ban 5-go
  • WORKMAN Okinawa Koza
    Style / Fashion
    Okinawa Okinawa-shi Miyazato 1-chome 15-ban 15-go ODC Building 1F
  • WORKMAN Uruma Ishikawa
    Style / Fashion
    Okinawa Uruma Ishikawa 2421-3
  • ABC-MART AEON Chatan
    Style / Fashion
    Okinawa Nakagami-gun Chatancho Mihama 8-3 AEON Chatan Shopping Center2F
  • ABC-MART AEON Gushikawa
    Style / Fashion
    Okinawa Uruma Maehara Kozaki Hara 303 AEON Gushikawa 2F
  • ABC-MART SAN-A HambyTown
    Style / Fashion
    Okinawa Nakagami-gun Chatancho Kitamae 1-2-3 SAN-A HambyTown 1F
  • ABC-MART GRAND STAGE Urasoe Parco City
    Style / Fashion
    Okinawa Urasoe-shi Irijima 3-1-13F

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Let go of your image of a busy, ordered Japan and replace it with crystal-clear waters, white sand beaches, and relaxing folk music: You've arrived in Okinawa. A world away from the high intensity of Tokyo, Okinawans appear to live a laid-back beach life on this paradisiacal tropical island that lies in the middle of the East China Sea almost 1,000 kilometers south of mainland Japan's most southern tip. Home to a spattering of islands, prepare yourself to discover underwater caves, star-shaped sand, and an island culture sometimes unrecognizable from mainland Japan.

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