Other places famous for flowers Spots in Kagoshima Area

  • Uwaba Kogen (Cosmos Fields)
    Travel / Tourism
    Kagoshima Izumi-shi Kamiokawauchi 2648-banchi 4
    This expansive park is located along Prefectural Route 118 on a 500-meter-high plateau straddling the border of Kumamoto Prefecture and Kagoshima Prefecture. The roughly three-hectare park has been planted with rape blossoms, hydrangea, cosmos, and other flowers. It is best known for the 100,000 rape blossoms that bloom in the spring and the 250,000 cosmos that bloom in the fall. Many tourists to visit the park during the cosmos season to view the vast fields of pink flowers from the park's observatory. Visitors can also purchase local vegetables at the markets held in the park at this time. The park also holds hands-on food education events such as making ice cream with milk produced local in Izumi as well as pizza making using a brick oven.
  • Koshikijima
    Travel / Tourism
    Kagoshima Satsumasendai-shi Satocho Sato 1922
  • Matsuya Majoshi
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    Travel / Tourism
    Kagoshima Pref. Shibushishi Matsuyamachoushimbashi

    城山総合公園内にある城跡で城の形をした展望台があり、そこからは桜島や霧島連山も見ることができます。 春は桜の花見がいいところです。

  • Gyokusenji Temple Children's Park
    Travel / Tourism
    Kagoshima Kanoya-shi Airacho Kamimyo Fuku Moroda 7183
  • Ibusuki Flower Park
    Travel / Tourism
    Kagoshima Ibusuki-shi Higashikata 8978
  • Ohama Seaside Park no Hibiscus
    Travel / Tourism
    Kagoshima Amami-shi Naze Koshuku Ohama 701-1
  • Uchinoura
    Travel / Tourism
    Kagoshima Kimotsuki-gun Kimotsukicho
  • Okujusono Ed Higan
    Travel / Tourism
    Kagoshima Pref. Isashi Okuchikogihara
  • Kannon Ke Ike Citizen no Mori
    Travel / Tourism
    Kagoshima Ichikikushikino Ichi Kawakami

Kagoshima Areas


Over 100 active volcanoes across Kagoshima make it one of the Japan's most exciting prefectures. The prefectural capital, Kagoshima city, looks out to one of the prefecture’s most spectacular volcanoes, Sakurajima, an island of its own that can be visited and seen close up or admired from afar, with the promise of breathtaking sunsets complete with frequent puffs of smoke and ash. Down the Satsuma Peninsula, the most southerly part of mainland Japan, waterfalls, sand onsen, and fascinating history await, while Kagoshima's abundance of satsuma imo (sweet potato) provide a wholesome snack as well as one of Japan's favourite drinks - shochu.

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