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Eel Spots in Kagoshima Area

  • Grilled Eel Sueyoshi
    158 Reviews
    Gourmet / Alcohol
    Kagoshima Pref. Kagoshimashi Higashisengokuchou 14-10
    This long-established eel specialty restaurant is located in Kagoshima City, Kagoshima Prefecture, on Tenmonkan Street in the downtown area. The restaurant uses the eels from Osumi Peninsula, which are special even among Kagoshima’s abundance of eel farms, due to the care taken in raising them with the spring water from the Shirasu Plateau. Soaked in a secret sauce that had been handed down for around 80 years, the restaurant’s prized eels are grilled over a charcoal fire. Popular menu items include the “Unadon” and “Unaju,” which are bursting with the delicious taste of the eels. A square of colored paper on which the children’s author, Hatoju Muku wrote “Sueyoshi has the best eel in Japan” is displayed here.

    At Tenmonkan street, where we found Favori bakery, 100¥ shop, Kagoshima speciality shop and chanced upon this unagi eel shop. It was packed withlocal tourists. The young lady serving us introduced...

  • Yuyu
    Gourmet / Alcohol
    Yagami Building 1F, 14-16, Higashisengokucho, Kagoshima-shi, Kagoshima, 892-0842
  • Unagi Notakehisa
    Gourmet / Alcohol
    Kagoshima Pref. Satsumasendaishi Hiwakichouichihino 2221-1

Kagoshima Main Areas


Over 100 active volcanoes across Kagoshima make it one of the Japan's most exciting prefectures. The prefectural capital, Kagoshima city, looks out to one of the prefecture’s most spectacular volcanoes, Sakurajima, an island of its own that can be visited and seen close up or admired from afar, with the promise of breathtaking sunsets complete with frequent puffs of smoke and ash. Down the Satsuma Peninsula, the most southerly part of mainland Japan, waterfalls, sand onsen, and fascinating history await, while Kagoshima's abundance of satsuma imo (sweet potato) provide a wholesome snack as well as one of Japan's favourite drinksーshochu.

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