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Souvenirs Spots in Kagoshima Area

  • Kagoshima Brand Shop
    Kagoshima Pref. Kagoshimashi Meizanchou 9-1 Kagoshima Prefectural Industry Center 1F
    A shop which presents and sells local Kagoshima products. The shop’s selection spans some 2,100 specialty products and crafts, including local sweets, tea, satsumaage fried fish cakes, and items made from Yakushima cedar. Customers can also make their own gift sets, making this shop a great place to pick up a present or souvenir. Products purchased here can be shipped anywhere in the country. A four-minute walk from Asahidori Station on the tramway.
  • Ikehata Tenmondo of Tourist Information and Souvenir Hall
    Kagoshima Pref. Kagoshimashi Higashisengokuchou 14-5
    A souvenir shop located in the Tenmonkan shopping arcade in Kagoshima City, Kagoshima Prefecture which carries a wide selection of interesting goods for tourists and students on school trips. In addition to foods like kurobuta pork, snacks, and local liquors, the shop also offers traditional crafts like Satsuma kiriko glass and local character goods. The shop’s own Tenmondo, yakiimo shochu liquor and Cheeseimon, madeleine-like pastries, made with red sweet potatoes, are particularly popular. Visitors can also find goods relating to the historic figure Saigo Takamori.
  • Roadside Station Sakurajima Sakurajima Bussankan
    2 Reviews
    Kagoshima Pref. Kagoshimashi Sakurajimakamizuchou 1427
    A large rest stop, one of the largest in Kagoshima. The facility’s distinctive sign is decorated with a large Sakurajima daikon radish statue. The first floor of the facility is a market where visitors can purchase shochu liquor and other Sakurajima specialty products. In the second-floor restaurant, you can enjoy a meal along with a view of the magnificent, mountainous landscape of Sakurajima. Visitors can also view the volcano from the facility’s observatory, and there’s even a space for taking a commemorative photo.

    鹿児島の焼酎を始めとする地酒が豊富に揃っています。 2回のレストランにはラーメン、カレーと桜島をモチーフにしたユニークな食事もあります。

  • Sakurajima Visitor Center
    191 Reviews
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Kagoshima Pref. Kagoshimashi Sakurajimayokoyamachou 1722-29
    A small museum dedicated to volcanic Sakurajima. The museum is divided into several areas in which visitors can learn about the history and formation of Sakurajima, changes in the plant life of the pseudo-island, and the people who have lived along Kinko Bay. In the museum’s theater room, visitors can watch and listen to stunning videos of the volcano erupting. The museum shop sells books on Sakurajima as well as Sakurajima camellia oil.

    The visitor center opens at 9am. We went there earlier so we had to wait for a while. We signed for our visit and noticed that not many people go there everyday (or those tourists didn't sign...

  • Kuwa no mi
    Kagoshima Pref. Ibusukishi Higashikata 532-2
    A silkworm farm and weaving studio only open on weekends located in Higashikata, Ibusuki City. The studio offers crafting classes, including a course in which you get to pick your choice of silk thread and use it to weave a piece of silk cloth using a hand operated loom, and a course in which you extract liquid silk sericin from silk cocoons and use it to make a natural facial lotion. The studio’s shop corner sells a variety of gifts and souvenirs made with silk cocoons, silk thread, and silk cloth.
  • Hara Habuya Kasari Main Shop
    Kagoshima Pref. Amamishi Kasarichoutaira Tsuchihama 1295-1
    This souvenir store is located in Amami City, Kagoshima Prefecture. It produces small items made from the skin and bones of poisonous Habu snakes, as well as displaying a variety of useful original items ranging from affordable to expensive in price. Additionally, there is a snake show where a snake handler performs for people of all ages.
  • Takenouchi Crafts
    Kagoshima Kumage-gun Yakushimacho Anbo 788-149
  • Ikenamihamonoseisakusho
    Kagoshima Pref. Nishinomoteshi Ikeda 9881
  • Tanegashimakama
    Kagoshima Pref. Nishinomoteshi Nishinomote 6463
  • Hanaromansenshoku Work
    Travel / Tourism
    Kagoshima Pref. Oshimaguntatsugouchou Nakagachi
  • Terubo Zu
    2 Reviews
    Gourmet / Alcohol
    Kagoshima Pref. Oshimagunyamatoson Kuninao 73


  • Kikaishima Souvenir Center
    Kagoshima Oshima-gun Kikaicho Wan 446-13
  • Kurashi utuwa asobiporutobo
    Kagoshima Pref. Oshimaguntokunoshimachou Tete 2891
  • Kirishima Folk Art Mura
    14 Reviews
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Kagoshima Kirishima-shi

    鹿児島のお土産と言えば・・・カスタどん。 もちろん、今回も購入。 焼きドーナツも、食べ歩き用に購入。さっぱりして、おいしいですよ。

  • Yunnu A Dwurushokamamoto
    Kagoshima Pref. Oshimagunyoronchou Furusato 909
  • Satsuma Glass Crafts
    Kagoshima Kagoshima-shi Yoshinocho 9688-24
  • Kagoshima Ichiba
    Kagoshima Kagoshima-shi Yamanokuchicho 12-16 Fukutoku Building 1F
  • Tanaka guitar Workshop Kinokobo
    Kagoshima Pref. Hiokishi Higashichikichoumiyama 1538-2
  • Garasukoubouweruhanzu
    Kagoshima Pref. Hiokishi Higashichikichoumiyama 1262-8
  • Suginosha Honten
    Kagoshima Pref. Kumagegunyakushimachou Koseda 324-31

Kagoshima Main Areas


Over 100 active volcanoes across Kagoshima make it one of the Japan's most exciting prefectures. The prefectural capital, Kagoshima city, looks out to one of the prefecture’s most spectacular volcanoes, Sakurajima, an island of its own that can be visited and seen close up or admired from afar, with the promise of breathtaking sunsets complete with frequent puffs of smoke and ash. Down the Satsuma Peninsula, the most southerly part of mainland Japan, waterfalls, sand onsen, and fascinating history await, while Kagoshima's abundance of satsuma imo (sweet potato) provide a wholesome snack as well as one of Japan's favourite drinksーshochu.

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