Other Factory Tour / Demonstration Spots in Miyazaki Area

  • Kuramoto Aya Shusen No Mori
    46 Reviews
    Travel / Tourism
    Miyazaki Pref. Higashimorokatagunayachou Minamimata 1800-19
    "This is a tourist facility of “Unkai Shuzo” located in Higashimorokata County, Miyazaki prefecture. At the “Aya Natural Brewery Museum "", visitors with reservations are able to observe sake making and experience sake tasting. The facility also houses restaurants and souvenir shops offering shochu and beer from Unkai Shuzo, as well as accommodation and hot spring facilities. Many tourists visit and enjoy the theme park-like facility daily."

    This is a composite tourist attraction with simple winery and liquor tasting many restaurants with one offering Miyazaki beef! This is a good stop for lunch or dinner after you visited the nearby...

  • Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Inc. Green Park Ebino
    11 Reviews
    Travel / Tourism
    Miyazaki Pref. Ebinoshi Higashikawakita Yuru 1321-1
    This is a factory in Ebino City which manufactures familiar Coca-Cola and Georgia coffee products. Factory tours are available and at the “Coke Hall” visitors can enjoy learning about the history of Coca-Cola. There is also a flower garden with pathways to get close with nature. Reservations in advance are required for the factory tour.


  • Kirishima Factory Garden
    Travel / Tourism
    Miyazaki Pref. Miyakonojoushi Shibitachou 5480
    This shochu manufacturing plant located in Miyakonojo City, Miyazaki Prefecture houses the “Kirinokura Museum”, which exhibits the history and culture of shochu, as well as other facilities such as “Kichisuke”, the Kirishima Foundation Memorial Hall, originally built at the time of establishment and relocated here, and the “Kirishima Shochu Shrine”. Factory inspections are available with reservations made in advance. There is also a restaurant and bakery on the grounds. Visitors can enjoy a whole day here.
  • Nishi no Miyako Agurikan
    Travel / Tourism
    Miyazaki Saito Kanoda 11365-1
    This local specialty products center for tourists is located inside the Saito Factory of Kagura Shuzo, a brewing company established in 1954. Here visitors can tour the museum; sample the company's shochu; watch a water and myth-themed movie; and purchase local specialty products. In order to convey to visitors the wonders and brand image of the company's new brewery, the facility shows a movie which tells the legend behind Saito's spring water, an essential ingredient for making the company's shochu, utilizing stunningly beautiful imagery and novel water-based mechanisms. There are also exhibits such as a video projection of water which ripples based on people's movements, and a workshop where you can make your own original shochu. A veritable theme park, you'll be able to enjoy hours of fun here.
  • Aya Natural Kura Tour
    Travel / Tourism
    Miyazaki Higashimorokata-gun Ayacho

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An unmissable highlight of Kyushu, Miyazaki prefecture satisfies nature lovers with its dramatic gorges cut out of rugged cliffs, leading into waterfalls and beaches of green-blue water popular among surfers. Takachiho Gorge in the north of the prefecture tells a tale of centuries-old Japanese mythology in a fantastic setting, allowing visitors to explore the waters by boat before heading up to the cave at the Awano Iwato Shrine, where the sun goddess was said to have hidden, plunging the world into darkness.

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