Sake Brewery Spots in Miyazaki Area

  • Tunnel’s station, Takachiho Tourist Information and Souvenir Hall
    87 Reviews
    Travel / Tourism
    Miyazaki Pref. Nishiusukiguntakachihochou Shimono 2221-2
    This is an undiluted sake storehouse for the Kagura Shuzo brewery, famous for products such as the mugi (barley) shochu Kurouma and soba (buckwheat) shochu Tensho. Originally a tunnel for the Trans-Kyushu railroad, construction was stopped due to flooding but gained new life as a barrel storage facility for shochu due to its unchanging temperature and humidity. Around 1,300 barrels are stored in the 1,115-meter-long tunnel, through which the rich aroma of vapor shochu drifts. At the facility’s tourism center, one can try the stored distilled spirit for free.

    A cool winery, using an old train tunnel to store barrels. Different kinds of wine are available for free tasting. Worth to stop by after visiting the gorge. You may also shop for local omiyage at...

  • Shochu Dojo (Sakuranosato Shuzo Co., Ltd.)
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    Travel / Tourism
    Miyazaki Nichinan-shi Kitagocho Gonohara Ko 888-banchi
    "This shochu ""dojo"" adjoins the breweries of Inoue-Syuzo and Sakuranosato-Syuzou. The dojo was opened with the aim of passing on the techniques of authentic shochu, a traditional industry in southern Kyushu. The dojo is a reproduction of a Meiji/Taisho period brewery and is made of Obi cedar, once a local specialty product. The dojo engages in the production of shochu year-round, making it possible for visitors to view the production process whenever they visit. Visitors can also participate in a shochu-making activity and blend together six varieties of shochu as they see fit to produce a one-of-a-kind, original shochu (advance reservation required)."

    It was a great experience to see how sochu is made and to have an endless supply of all the varieties (looked like about 50) on hand to sample, with what seemed to be small bottomless cups. For the...

  • Akashi Brewery
    Travel / Tourism
    Miyazaki Ebino-shi Kurishita 61-1
  • Aya no Local beer
    Travel / Tourism
    Miyazaki Higashimorokata-gun Ayacho Minamimata 1800-19
  • Inoue Brewery
    Travel / Tourism
    Miyazaki Nichinan-shi Nangocho Yowarako 1326
  • Iwanoturushuzou
    Travel / Tourism
    Miyazaki Pref. Saitoshi Tonokorimachi 5640
  • Unkai Sake Brewing
    Travel / Tourism
    Miyazaki Pref. Nishiusukigungokasechou Sangasho 2164
  • Otemon Sake Brewing
    Travel / Tourism
    Miyazaki Pref. Nichinanshi Obi 6-chome 7-41
  • Oura Brewery
    Travel / Tourism
    Miyazaki Miyakonojo-shi Hiraecho 2-8
  • Kagura Brewery
    Travel / Tourism
    Miyazaki Nishiusuki-gun Takachiho Cho Iwato 144-1
  • Kawasaki Ichishi
    Travel / Tourism
    Miyazaki Higashiusuki-gun Morotsukason Eshiro 4006
  • Kirishima Beer
    Travel / Tourism
    Miyazaki Miyakonojo-shi Shibitacho 5480
  • Ikoma Kogen Brewery
    Travel / Tourism
    Miyazaki Kobayashi-shi Hosono 3999
  • Kondojozo
    Travel / Tourism
    Miyazaki Pref. Nichinanshi Odoutsu 3-chome 2-1
  • Sakuranomineshuzou
    Travel / Tourism
    Miyazaki Pref. Nichinanshi Kumaya Kou 1192
  • Suki Sake Brewing
    Travel / Tourism
    Miyazaki Pref. Kobayashishi Sukishimoda 1270
  • Sentoku Brewery
    Travel / Tourism
    Miyazaki Nobeoka-shi Osemachi 2-chome 1-8
  • Takachiho Brewery
    Travel / Tourism
    Miyazaki Nishiusuki-gun Takachihocho Oshikata 925
  • Hideji beer
    Travel / Tourism
    Miyazaki Pref. Nobeokashi Mukabakimachi 747-56
  • Hime Izumi Brewery
    Travel / Tourism
    Miyazaki Nishiusuki-gun Hinokagecho Iwaikawa 3380-1

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An unmissable highlight of Kyushu, Miyazaki prefecture satisfies nature lovers with its dramatic gorges cut out of rugged cliffs, leading into waterfalls and beaches of green-blue water popular among surfers. Takachiho Gorge in the north of the prefecture tells a tale of centuries-old Japanese mythology in a fantastic setting, allowing visitors to explore the waters by boat before heading up to the cave at the Awano Iwato Shrine, where the sun goddess was said to have hidden, plunging the world into darkness.

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