Shopping Mall / Shopping Street Spots in Miyazaki Area

  • Phoenix Seagaia Resort
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Miyazaki Pref. Miyazakishi Yamasakichou Hamayama
    A sprawling resort area facing the Pacific Ocean and surrounded by the natural beauty of a 700 hectare black pine forest extending north and south for 11 kilometers along the east coast of Miyazaki City. There are three hotels at the resort, including the Sheraton Grande Ocean Resort, as well as a world class convention center capable of accommodating up to 5,000 people. The resort offers the ultimate resort experience, including an array of activities which make the most of the beautiful natural environment. Sports facilities include a tennis club and the Phoenix Country Club, a renowned golf course considered one of the three best in Japan and 100 best in the world and which has been the venue for the Dunlop Phoenix Tournament since 1974. The resort's greatest ever renovation project since it first opened was completed in October 2017, and the renewed Seagaia offers value and experiences you'll find no place else, in every aspect from vast, beautiful locations; to facilities and touches which enhance your enjoyment of the same; to stunning hospitality.
  • Amu Plaza Miyazaki Umi
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Miyazaki Miyazaki-shi Oimatsu 2-2-22
  • Mallmall
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Miyazaki Miyakonojo-shi Nakamachi 16-gaiku 15-go
  • AEON MALL Miyazaki
    Miyazaki Miyazaki-shi Shinbeppucho Eguchi 862-1
  • AEON MALL Miyakonojo Ekimae
    Miyazaki Miyakonojo-shi Sakaemachi 4672-5
  • AEON Nobeoka Shopping Center
    Miyazaki Nobeoka-shi Asahimachi 2-2-1
  • MRT micc
    Miyazaki Miyazaki-shi Tachibanadorinishi 4-6-3
  • Third Place
    Miyazaki Miyakonojo-shi
  • CARINOMIYAZAKI (Carino Miyazaki)
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Miyazaki Miyazaki-shi Tachibanadorihigashi 4-8-1
  • Phoenix Garden Ukinojo
    Miyazaki Miyazaki-shi Yanagimarucho
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Miyazaki Miyazaki-shi Nishikimachi 1-10 KITEN Building
  • Sapia Nichinan Shopping Center
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Miyazaki Nichinan-shi Zaimokucho 4-1
  • Kawamachi Community Center
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Miyazaki Nobeoka-shi Onukimachi 3
  • Wakakusadori Shopping street
    Miyazaki Miyazaki-shi
  • Miyazaki Nanairo
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Miyazaki Miyazaki-shi Tachibanadorinishi 3-10-32
  • Amu Plaza Miyazaki Yama
    Miyazaki Miyazaki-shi Hiroshima 2-11-11
  • Amu Plaza Miyazaki Himuka Kirameki Ichiba
    Miyazaki Miyazaki-shi Nishikimachi 1-8
  • Shopping Center Miyakonojo
    Miyazaki Miyakonojo-shi Sencho 4351-2
  • South Town Hyuga Shopping Center
    Miyazaki Hyuga-shi Zaikoji Okinohara 953-1
  • Viva Town Kano
    Miyazaki Miyazaki-shi Kiyotakecho Kano Otsu 346-1

Miyazaki Areas


An unmissable highlight of Kyushu, Miyazaki prefecture satisfies nature lovers with its dramatic gorges cut out of rugged cliffs, leading into waterfalls and beaches of green-blue water popular among surfers. Takachiho Gorge in the north of the prefecture tells a tale of centuries-old Japanese mythology in a fantastic setting, allowing visitors to explore the waters by boat before heading up to the cave at the Awano Iwato Shrine, where the sun goddess was said to have hidden, plunging the world into darkness.

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