Coast / Beach Spots in Kumamoto Area

  • Okoshiki Beach
    Travel / Tourism
    Kumamoto Pref. Utoshi Shimoodamachi
    "A coastal area located in Uto City. Literally translated, ""Okoshiki"" means ""palanquin,"" a name that is derived from a legend which states that when Emperor Keiko toured Kyushu, his eyes were arrested by the beauty of the coastline and he ordered his palanquin to stop. The scenery has been selected for inclusion in a list of Japan's 100 best beaches and 100 best sunsets. On clear days, visitors can see all the way to Mt. Fugen in Nagasaki on the opposite shore. The ebb and flow between the tides here is also the greatest of any location in Japan, and during the ebb tide, the exposed sands create beautiful curing patterns."
  • Shiratsuruhama Myokengaura
    6 Reviews
    Travel / Tourism
    Kumamoto Amakusa-shi Amakusamachi Takahamakita


  • Amakusamatsushima Island
    Travel / Tourism
    Kumamoto Kamiamakusa Matsushimamachi Aitsu
  • Ariake Kaigan Matsu Namiki
    Travel / Tourism
    Kumamoto Arao-shi Kuramitsu
  • Kirishitan no Sato Sakitsu
    Travel / Tourism
    Kumamoto Amakusa-shi Kawauramachi
  • Ariakekai Suna Higata
    Travel / Tourism
    Kumamoto Uto-shi Shimoudamachi
  • Ashikita Marine-Park Beach
    Travel / Tourism
    Kumamoto Ashikita-gun Ashikitamachi Tsurugiyama
  • Kurosaki Kaigan
    Travel / Tourism
    Kumamoto Amakusa-shi Itsuwamachi Goryo Oshima
  • Hayaura
    Travel / Tourism
  • Sunasenrigahama
    Travel / Tourism
    Kumamoto Aso-shi
  • Okoshiki Kaigan
    Travel / Tourism
    Kumamoto Uto-shi Shimoudamachi

Kumamoto Areas


Kumamoto lies in the center of Kyushu, a calm prefecture perfect for easy strolls around the historic center and lazy evenings in the natural hot springs at Kurokawa Onsen. For a slightly more strenuous activity, head to Mount Aso, whose surrounding hills offer hiking opportunities aplenty with views over the active volcano.

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