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Spots in Kumamoto Area

  • Greenland
    119 Reviews
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Kumamoto Pref. Araoshi Midorigaoka
    Kyushu’s largest leisure land also boasts Japan’s largest number of attractions. There are 81 kinds of activities from a Ferris wheel to various roller coasters and buffet dining, meaning adults and children can both enjoy spending the whole day here. There are also events in each season including superhero shows for kids, fireworks and illuminations.

    This is a solid amusement park with a variety of rides. The rollercoasters are not the biggest, fastest, or most intense, but they provide a solid thrill. The park also seems to be not that crowded...

  • Mt. Daikanbo
    Travel / Tourism
    Kumamoto Pref. Asoshi Yamada
    A 936 meter high mountain located on the highest peak of the outer rim of the north crater of Mt. Aso. In ancient times, it was called Tomigahana (the nose looking into the distance), but the great author Tokutomi Soho dubbed it Daikanbo (great overviewing mountain) after being moved by the magnificent view. The mountain offers a sweeping view of the five peaks of Mt. Aso, the Kuju Mountain Range, and the Aso Caldera. The controlled burns conducted in spring are held on an impressive scale.
  • Kumamoto Prefectural Traditional Crafts Center
    39 Reviews
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Kumamoto Pref. Kumamotoshichuouku Chibajoumachi 3-35
    A cultural facility located in Kumamoto City, Kumamoto Prefecture which focuses on displaying traditional crafts from the prefecture. The museum exhibits a collection some 80 varieties and 1,000 examples of crafts created by Kumamoto craftspersons such as higo zogan inlaying, porcelain, cutlery, bamboowork, and dyed and woven fabrics. Some of the exhibits can be touched, weekly events are held, and the facility also sells crafts by artisans from both Kumamoto and other areas.

    We spent a couple of hours wandering around checking out the shops and having some lunch. Lots to see and taste.... They also had some demonstrations of various cultural things in the centre stage...

  • Kumamoto Castle Sakuranobaba Josaien
    Gourmet / Alcohol
    Kumamoto Pref. Kumamotoshichuouku Ninomaru 1-1-2
    This is a sightseeing facility located in Sakuranobaba, at the foot of Kumamoto Castle, the symbol of Kumamoto. The facility consists of an area of souvenir shops, and eateries where you can try local Kumamoto cuisine, and Wakuwakuza, an experiential type exhibit, where you can learn about the history of Kumamoto Castle. A volunteer guide, who can show you Kumamoto Castle in about an hour, is always present at the general Tourist Information Center in the facility. It is a seven-minute walk from the “Hanabata-cho” tram stop.
  • Kumamoto Prefecture Bussan-kan
    2 Reviews
    Kumamoto Pref. Kumamotoshichuouku Sakuramachi 3-1NTT West Sakuramachi building 1F
    This Bussan-kan is located in the center of the city. The facility has over 2,500 kinds of products local to Kumamoto including traditional crafts and foods, alcoholic beverages, as well as fruit and vegetables. It is easy to access being close to the transportation bus center, and is recommended to those wanting to buy souvenirs. It is a three-minute walk from the “Kumamotojo-mae” tram stop.


  • Shimada Art Museum
    13 Reviews
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Kumamoto Pref. Kumamotoshinishiku Shimasaki 4-5-28
    This is a museum which is famous for storing brushwork masterpieces and belongings of the master swordsmen, Miyamoto Musashi. Exhibits are focused on a collection of Matomi Shimada who was also a researcher of Miyamoto Musashi. There is also a portrait of Miyamoto Musashi designated as an Important Cultural Property from the prefecture, which is exhibited every spring and autumn for four months. It is a 14-minute walk from the “Daniyama-machi” tram stop.

    We had yuzu juice, coffee, blueberry cheesecake muffins and tea - fabulous setting, books, art work on sale, well managed and very Japanese - highly recommend

  • Lafcadio Hearn’s Former Residence
    63 Reviews
    Travel / Tourism
    Kumamoto Pref. Kumamotoshichuouku Anseimachi 2-6
    Koizumi Yakumo, also known as Lafcadio Hearn, was the famed author of tales based on Japanese legends such as Hoichi the Earless and The Snow Woman. The residence here was the first home he lived in in Japan when he came to Kumamoto as an English teacher for Daigo Junior and Senior High School (now Kumamoto University). It is said that Hearn penned Glimpses of Unfamiliar Japan in this building. The residence was severely damaged in the 2016 Kumamoto Earthquake and currently only a portion of the home and garden are open to the public (as of January 2017).

    Koizumi's (aka Lafcadio Hearn) old house is only about a 10 minute walk from my house so I was eager to go see it. Luckily the house had just been fully reopened after it was damaged in last years...

  • Suizen-ji Joju-en Garden (Suizenji Park)
    656 Reviews
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Kumamoto Pref. Kumamotoshichuouku Suizenjikouen 8-1
    This strolling garden has been noted as one of Japan's Places of Scenic Beauty as well as a Historic Site. Construction of the garden was started by Lord Hosokawa Tadatoshii, who was the first Hosokawa lord of the Higo province and Kumamoto, and would continue for three generations. The large 10,000 square meter lake in the garden is filled with water from the Aso spring. The park opens at 7:30 AM from March to October and at 8:30 AM from November to February and a morning stroll is highly recommended. Horseback archery events are held in the spring and fall and during the summer Noh theater performances are held by fire light. Entrance to the park is a three-minute walk from the Suizenji Park stop on the Kumamoto streetcar.

    The park feels very peaceful & quiet. I spent the whole morning in the park. Thw toilets are clean too. I think it is worth paying 400 yen to enter this park.

  • Komurasaki Kamitori Chuo Branch
    56 Reviews
    Gourmet / Alcohol
    Kumamoto Pref. Kumamotoshichuouku Kamitorichou 8-16
    Founded in 1954, this is a popular Kumamoto ramen shop located in the Kamitori arcade shopping area. Although pork bones are used as stock, the ramen is light and healthy with not so much fat content and mixes well with the thin noodles. The taste has been handed down from the first generation. The balance of fine bean sprouts, chashu (a thin roasted pork fillet), and charred garlic as soup toppings is exquisite. It is a seven-minute walk from the “Torichosuji” tram stop.

    Just days after setting up here in Kumamoto I decided to look for authentic Kyushu style tonkotsu ramen. This shop always looked busy so I got went in around 2pm and luckily there werent many...

  • Takamori Dengaku no Sato
    45 Reviews
    Gourmet / Alcohol
    Kumamoto Pref. Asoguntakamorimachi Takamori 2685-2
    This is a regional restaurant located in a quiet wooded area located a five-minute walk from Takamori Station. Traditional Dengaku cuisine can be enjoyed in an old thatched-roof house built 200 years ago. A special characteristic of dengaku grilled in front of you robata-yaki style is that you can taste it with various types of miso including yuzu (citrus) miso, Japanese pepper miso, and chicken miso, etc. To finish the meal, fragrant Dengaku-miso grilled rice balls are recommended.

    This is one of the highlights so far on our second trip to Japan. The restaurant is set in a traditional house with charcoals at each table and fresh meat and fish to eat. The service is great...

  • Kurokawa Onsen Okunoyu
    127 Reviews
    Accommodations / Hot Spring
    Kumamoto Pref. Asogunminamiogunimachi Manganji Kurokawa 6567
    This is the 26-room Kurokawa hot spring traditional Japanese inn. It sits on an extensive site of 6,600 meters squared; you can enjoy a variety of hot springs 24 hours a day depending on your personal taste such as the open-air bath, the cave bath or the family bath which can be reserved. The handcrafted river bath is popular, which commands a view of the spectacular waterfall at the front. There is also Kurokawa’s only heated hot spring pool, so you can even visit with children and have peace of mind.

    me and my husband stayed for one night and we loved everything about this place! check in was quick, staff were all polite and helpful, our room was nice and big, the balcony was a bonus! lovely view...

  • Kumamoto Castle
    Travel / Tourism
    Kumamoto Pref. Kumamotoshichuouku Honmaru 1-1
    In 1607, Kato Kiyomasa built a castle in a hilly area called Chausuyama, which is one of the three premier castles in Japan. Thereafter, Kumamoto Castle has been a stage of a diverse history for 400 years from the Middle Ages to the present age. Castle buildings from those days are also in existence, and 13 of the buildings have been designated as Important Cultural Properties of Japan. Kumamoto Castle was damaged in the Kumamoto earthquake which occurred in April 2016, and restoration work is currently still under way.
  • Shirakawa Suigen Spring Source
    Travel / Tourism
    Kumamoto Pref. Asogunminamiasomura Shirakawa 2092-1
    This is a first-class river (a specified waterway of special importance protected by the government) which flows through the centre of Kumamoto City. It is classic example of Minami Aso spring water, and it was also selected as one of the 100 best waters in Japan by the Environmental Agency. The normal temperature of this spring water is 14°C and 60 tons per minute gushes out into the Shirakawa River, and it is possible to take spring water from the source home. Heat treated water is also for sale.
  • Nabegataki Falls
    Travel / Tourism
    Kumamoto Pref. Asogunogunimachi Kurobuchi
    This is a waterfall which is said to have been made by an eruption which occurred about 90,000 years ago, which also created Aso’s caldera lake. This is a small waterfall with a height of about 10 meters and a width of about 20 meters, but the appearance of sunlight shining through the curtain-like broadly cascading water is extremely beautiful. “Urami no taki” which is enjoying the waterfall by going around to the other side of the fall is also popular. An event is also held in the springtime in which the far side of the waterfall is illuminated.
  • Aso-Kujū National Park
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Kikuchi, Kumamoto prefecture, Aso city, Beppu city, Oita prefecture, Yufu city, others
    This national park consists of Mt. Aso, the world’s largest caldera, and the volcanic cluster including Kuju Mounatin Range, etc. There are many famous mountains within the park including the five peaks of Mt. Aso (the highest one is Mr. Takadake), and many people, especially climbers, visit the park. Mt. Tsurumi and Mt. Yufudake, located in the north, are known as scenic landmarks, especially during autumn when the mountain foliage turns deep red, orange and yellow dyed and is worth seeing. There are visitor centers in two places, South Aso and Chojabaru, exhibiting materials related to nature and culture. They also hold events and provide multilingual pamphlets.
  • Navaro
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Kumamoto Pref. Kumamotoshichuouku Minamitsuboimachi 10-1 Be-9 Building BF
    This all-genre club is located on Satsuma Kaido Street (Kagoshima Kaido) near Fujisakigumae Station, and is operated as a bar on weekdays and a club and live house on weekends and for events. It has the strong support of music lovers because of its impressive acoustic equipment.
  • Isshingyo Park
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Kumamoto Pref. Asogunminamiasomura Nakamatsu 3226-1
    "This park south of Aso Shirohebi Shrine deifies an albino snake god. It's said the park's Great Isshingyo Cherry Tree was planted to mark the death of Hokinokami Korefuyu, the feudal lord of Yazaki Castle. The name of the park ""Isshingyo"" is derived from the ascetic exercises fervently performed to pray for the souls of Hokinokami Korefuyu and his vassals It's a magnificent, roughly 400-year-old hill cherry tree that's widely loved for its blossoms. The park holds the Minamiaso Cherry Blossom Garden Plant Festival from the end of March to the beginning of April when the flowers are at their peak. It's surrounded by rape fields, so you can take in the view of these flowers blooming along with the cherry blossoms. The cherry trees are illuminated at night when in full bloom. "
  • Omiya Shrine
    Travel / Tourism
    Kumamoto Pref. Yamagashi Yamaga 196
    This Shinto shrine is approximately 15 minutes by car from both Ueki Interchange and Kikusui Interchange. Located just south of Omiya Park, it honors Emperor Keiko, the 12th emperor of Japan, who in his deified form is thought to be the guardian spirit of Yamaga district. The shrine was constructed on the site of the Imperial lodging used when the Emperor's entourage visited the area. Yamaga paper lanterns, a traditional handicraft made with just washi Japanese paper and glue, are said to have first been made to welcome him. The shrine gets packed with visitors during the lantern festival that's held on August 15 and 16 every year, which features ritual dancing, a torch procession, and a fireworks display.
  • Kumagawa Kasenjiki Sports Park
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Kumamoto Pref. Yatsushiroshi Watashimachi 1303
    This large park running north-south along the Kuma River is approximately ten minutes on foot from JR Yatsushiro Station. It has a baseball and soccer fields, and people play softball there too. It also acts as the venue for various local events, as well as the turning point for a long-distance relay race. The park hosts the Yatsuhiro National Fireworks Competition every October, with perfect views of the powerful display launched just in front of the seating area.
  • Yunoko Cherry Line
    Travel / Tourism
    Minamata City, Kumamoto Prefecture
    This popular cherry blossom viewing spot is approximately 20 minutes by car from Tsunagi Interchange. Its rows of cherry trees stretch for five kilometers along the Minamata Cherry Line on the Yunoko Coast. The area gets packed with visitors who come to see the blossoms of its nearly 300 Yoshino cherry trees when they're in full bloom from late March to early April. The Yunoko Onsen Sakura Festival takes place during this period, when they run 30-minute rides on a flower-viewing tour boat (reservations required), festival stalls spring up along the road selling fare like sweet dango dumplings, and visitors sip sakura-cha, tea laced with cherry petals.

Kumamoto Main Areas


Kumamoto lies in the center of Kyushu, a calm prefecture perfect for easy strolls around the historic center and lazy evenings in the natural hot springs at Kurokawa Onsen. For a slightly more strenuous activity, head to Mount Aso, whose surrounding hills offer hiking opportunities aplenty with views over the active volcano.

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