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Other Food Spots in Nagasaki Area

  • Fukusaya Main Store
    212 Reviews
    Nagasaki Pref. Nagasakishi Funadaikumachi 3-1
    This is a Castella shop of long standing which was established in 1624. This Castella is characterized by its fluffy texture and the dough is made with carefully selected raw materials without using additives. The contrast with the texture of the granulated sugar laid on the bottom is also unique to the Fukusaya store. The current head office in Funadaiku Town was built in the early Meiji period. The charming store’s appearance also merits a visit. The nearest station is Shiambashi, a tram station.

    Of all the castella in Japan, Fukusayas castella, ranks top 1 on my list. But if you love chocolate+walnuts+raisins in a moisty, soft, fragrant cake, then the Hollander Cake is a must. When I went...

  • Nagasaki Yugi Shoten
    11 Reviews
    Nagasaki Pref. Nagasakishi Shinchimachi 10-9
    This Chinese miscellaneous goods shop is located in Nagasaki Chinatown in Shinchi-machi, Nagasaki City. It sells various goods and food products from China. At the storefront, they sell freshly-steamed dim sum snacks including sesame dumplings and meat buns using bamboo steamers.


  • Mogi Ichimaruko Honke (Shinchi Store)
    Nagasaki Pref. Nagasakishi Kagomachi 4-20
    "This long-established confectionery store founded in 1844 is located in Kago-machi, Nagasaki City. They sell confectionery including ""Ikkoko,"" a famous Nagasaki baked confectionery originally from China that has become its signature, and Japanese Mogi loquat jelly using one whole specialty Mogi loquat. In addition, items utilizing loquats such as ""Biwa Castella Ogon no Shizuku"" and ""Lemon Cake"" made with a traditional production method are also popular."
  • Roadside Station Saikai (Mikan Dome)
    Nagasaki Saikai-shi Saikaicho Kobago 496-1
    An activity center located in Saikai City, Nagasaki Prefecture. The facility can easily be identified by its white dome. Here visitors can purchase souvenirs from Saikai City, local specialty products, and hand baked breads. The facility also provides area tourist information. A farmer’s market under the dome sells fresh vegetables. Visitors can also taste products made with mandarin (mikan) oranges, a local specialty product, including fresh-squeezed orange juice and orange sherbet, as well as other sherbet varieties. With a phone reservation made at least one week in advance, visitors can learn how to make soba noodles or bake bread, too.
  • Amagokoro Ichiba
    39 Reviews
    Nagasaki Iki Gonouracho Higashifure 597
    A gift and souvenir store situated along National Route 382 in Higashifure Gonoura-cho, Iki City. The store sells local specialty products such as Iki’s famous sea urchin and other seafoods, local liquors, and popular confections, as well as local agricultural products straight from the farm. The store is adjoined by a restaurant serving dishes made with sea urchin and Iki beef, a local brand variety; a Belgian waffle specialty shop; and the World Sea Urchin Museum, which contains exhibits on sea urchins found in Japan and around the world; and on Iki’s ama female sea divers.

    You can also see the exhibits of various kinds of sea urchin and the tools, wears to catch them but basically it is a gift/souvenir shops

  • Syououken
    95 Reviews
    Nagasaki Pref. Nagasakishi Uonomachi 3-19
    Founded in 1681, this venerable shop dedicated to castella, a Nagasaki specialty, located in Nagasaki City, Nagasaki Prefecture. Using no mechanization of any kind, one master is in charge of each of the shop’s 12 ovens, keeping the tradition alive of doing everything, from preparing the dough to the baking, by hand. Made with just eggs, flour, sugar, and starch syrup, the shop’s simple and delicate castella are so popular they have become a staple Nagasaki souvenir. Visitors can enjoy the shop’s vaunted castella as well as Western sweets in a retro atmosphere in the café on the second floor.

    fukusaya are the best two castellas in my humble opinion. lots of flavors and creative choices to fill your tummy up with.

  • Bunmeido Sohonten
    114 Reviews
    Nagasaki Pref. Nagasakishi Edomachi 1-1
    A venerable castella cake shop founded in 1900. Using such exclusive ingredients as Nanban eggs, laid by hens fed on natural fodder and herbs, and select rice syrup, the shop’s uniquely prepared castella cakes have an elegant flavor. The main shop’s small indoor garden space is also a must-see. Just around one tatami mat in size, the contents of the garden change monthly, reflecting the four seasons of Miyazaki. A one-minute walk from Nagasaki Electric Tramway Ohato Station.

    Love the castella cake. Light and spongy. There were different flavours to choose from, e.g. chocolate, matcha, honey. We brought some home to give away to friends and family as souvenirs and they...

  • Los Torres yunosansotedukuri bacon Work
    Nagasaki Pref. Isahayashi Yamakawamachi 2-13
  • BEANSSHOPNewcrop
    Nagasaki Isahaya-shi Tenmanmachi 18-1
  • Toda Store
    Nagasaki Nagasaki-shi Shindaikumachi 6-14
  • Ishikawa Milk
    Nagasaki Nagasaki-shi Yagamimachi 40-33
  • Ochi Milk
    Life / Living / Hospital
    Nagasaki Nagasaki-shi Mogimachi 741-2
  • M Nishinihon Nagasaki Branch
    Life / Living / Hospital
    Nagasaki Pref. Nagasakishi Yanagidanimachi 14-15
  • Meiji Milk Atago Sale
    Life / Living / Hospital
    Nagasaki Nagasaki-shi Atago 1-6-20
  • Meiji Milk Koshima Sale
    Life / Living / Hospital
    Nagasaki Nagasaki-shi Kamikoshima 5-11-18
  • Meiji Milk Nameshi Center
    Nagasaki Nagasaki-shi Nameshi 4-20-44
  • Hayao Transport
    Life / Living / Hospital
    Nagasaki Nagasaki-shi Nakazato Machi 2181-9
  • Inoe A tilde Haiso Ctr
    Life / Living / Hospital
    Nagasaki Pref. Nagasakishi Kakidomarimachi 29-23
  • Mitsunaga Grocery store
    Nagasaki Nagasaki-shi Funadaikumachi 3-17
  • Okamura Store
    Style / Fashion
    Nagasaki Nagasaki-shi Sanwamachi 211-6

Nagasaki Areas


This hidden corner of the country is rural Japan at its best, where underground activity is to thank for active volcanoes and bubbling natural hot springs along the Shimabara Peninsula as well as the crystal clear waters of the Goto Islands off the west coast. Less well known than Hiroshima's Peace Memorial Park, Nagasaki commemorates its own past at the Nagasaki Peace Park, which sits alongside the charming Meganebashi stone bridge and a mix of religious buildings with beautiful architecture, such as the Zen Buddhist Sofukuji Temple, the Confucian Shrine, and the Oura Christian Church.

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