Direct Sales Depot / Market Spots in Karatsu / Yobuko Area

  • Yobuko Morning Market
    Yobuko cho Karatsu City, Saga Prefecture
    One of Japan’s three largest morning markets, Yobuko operates 364 days a year (only closing on New Year’s Day). Open daily from 7:30 a.m. to 12 p.m., on weekdays some 40 stands operate and 60 on weekends and holidays. The market is particularly famous for its squid ikizukuri sashimi, made with a variety of squid throughout the year. In addition to the squid, visitors are encouraged to try the mackerel ikizukuri, which is fast becoming a new specialty for the market. Take the Showa Bus bound for Yobuko at Oteguchi Bus Center in front of JR Karatsu Station and get off at the Yobuko stop; the market is just a three-minute walk from there. 30 minutes by car.
  • Karatsu Umakamon Ichiba
    Saga Pref. Karatsushi Kuri 1961-2
    A farmers market situated along Prefectural Route 40 in Kuri, Karatsu City. Here visitors can purchase fruits, vegetables, and other agricultural products from Karatsu City and Genkai Town; Saga beef and other meats and seafood; and prepared and processed foods. The adjoining restaurant offers a lunch all-you-can-eat buffet; noodles, curry, and other light meals; Japanese style yakiniku barbecue, and other dishes crafted with a focus on local production for local consumption.
  • Marine Center Osakanamura
    Saga Karatsu-shi Hamatamamachi Hamasaki 1922
    This seafood shop and restaurant is located in Hamasaki, Hamatama-machi, Karatsu City. The shop area sells fresh fish caught in the waters off Karatsu, squid shumai dumplings and other foods, and local specialty products and other souvenirs. The shop's dried fish are particularly popular and are made in the company's own factory using fish chosen by the discerning eyes of experienced professionals, natural salt, and hot spring water. The shop area is also adjoined by a large restaurant area with seating for 300 people which serves seafood cuisine made using seasonal fish.
  • Kaze no Furusato
    Saga Karatsu-shi Kyuragimachi Makise 692-1 Roadside Station Kyuragi
  • Bussan Sales tokoro dokkoiuketamawa
    Saga Pref. Higashimatsuragungenkaichou Imamura 4112-1 Genkai energy park
  • osakanachokubaisho karatushi Ma To
    Saga Pref. Karatsushi Kaigandori 7182-217 Karatsu City Hall in fisheries
  • chatei kaikado
    Gourmet / Alcohol
    Saga Pref. Karatsushi Shinkoumachi 2935-1JR Karatsu Station Yard Station machi 1-chome, Karatsu
  • Nakayoshi Mura Kitahata
    Saga Karatsu-shi Kitahata Tanaka 923-1
  • Higashi Karatsu Morning Market
    Saga Karatsu-shi Higashi Karatsu 4-chome

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Away from the fast-paced cities of mainland Japan, Kyushu’s Saga prefecture offers quaint towns and cities known for their traditional crafts, particularly ceramics. Rich in kaolin (a type of clay), Saga became the homeland of Arita ware, a delicate, decorative porcelain that is now celebrated worldwide and can be discovered in the towns of Arita, Imari, and Karatsu.

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