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Event Hall / Public Hall Spots in Saga Area

  • Karatsu City Furusato Kaikan Arpino
    Saga Pref. Karatsushi Shinkoumachi 2881-1
    A local specialty products hall located close to Karatsu Station in Shinko-machi, Karatsu City. Here visitors can purchase famous Karatsu sweets like Shoro Manju buns; nori seaweed and other marine products from the Ariake Sea; Karatsu tea; processed agricultural products like yuzu pepper made with Kyuragi's specialty yuzu fruit; and other local specialty products and crafts. On the second floor, visitors will find a Karatsu ware display space and shop which also has a corner where you can try painting your own Karatsu ware piece.
  • Saga Koryu Ctr Esplatz Hall
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Saga Pref. Sagashi Shirayama 2-7-1 es Platz 3F
  • Saga Cultural Hall
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Saga Saga-shi Hinode 1-21-10

Saga Main Areas


Away from the fast-paced cities of mainland Japan, Kyushu’s Saga prefecture offers quaint towns and cities known for their traditional crafts, particularly ceramics. Rich in kaolin (a type of clay), Saga became the homeland of Arita ware, a delicate, decorative porcelain that is now celebrated worldwide and can be discovered in the towns of Arita, Imari, and Karatsu.

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