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Waterfall Spots in Kochi Area

  • Biwa-no-taki (Biwa Waterfall)
    Travel / Tourism
    Tokushima Pref. Miyoshishi Nishiyayamamurazentoku
    The Biwa-no-taki (Biwa Waterfall) is located on the Iyagawa River, a tributary of the Yoshino River. The water flows straight down like white threads over bare rock from a height of 50 meters, making for a very beautiful sight. The waterfall derives its name (“Waterfall of the Lute”) from a legend that one of the defeated members of the Taira family living here in exile after the Gempei War sat by the waterfall and played melodies on his Biwa lute recalling the glories of Kyoto.
  • Koganetaki
    Travel / Tourism
    Kochi Tosa-gun Okawamura Kawasaki
  • Todoronotaki
    Travel / Tourism
    Kochi Kami-shi Kahokucho Inono Yunoki
  • Ryuonotaki
    Travel / Tourism
    Kochi Nagaoka-gun Otoyo Cho Sagayama
  • O Taru no Taki
    Travel / Tourism
    Kochi Takaoka-gun Ochicho Yamamuro
  • Nagasawanotaki
    Travel / Tourism
    Kochi Takaoka-gun Tsunocho Yoshiunootsu
  • Heikenotaki
    Travel / Tourism
    Kochi Kochi-shi Kagami Yokoya
  • Taru no Taki
    Travel / Tourism
    Kochi Susaki-shi Kamibunko
  • Yamaubanotaki
    Travel / Tourism
    Kochi Kochi-shi Tosayama Kanoo
  • Akadaki
    Travel / Tourism
    Kochi Agawa-gun Inocho
  • Ogamanotaki
    Travel / Tourism
    Kochi Konan-shi
  • Oara no Taki
    Travel / Tourism
    Kochi Kami-shi
  • Bishamon no Taki
    Travel / Tourism
    Kochi Nankoku-shi
  • Kisakigabuchi
    Travel / Tourism
    Kouchi Pref. Tosagunokawamura Asatani
  • Okikunotaki
    Travel / Tourism
    Kouchi Pref. Shimantoshi Nishitosaokuyanai
  • Otabi
    Travel / Tourism
    Kouchi Pref. Agawaguninochou Teragawa
  • Choshinotaki
    Travel / Tourism
    Kouchi Pref. Tosagunokawamura Ohira

Kochi Main Areas


The largest of Shikoku’s prefectures, Kochi is endowed with some of the island’s most exceptional sand beaches lining the Pacific Ocean, which narrows into the Shimanto-gawa, a huge river that stretches 196 kilometers into the prefecture, passing verdant mountains and hosting countless riverside activities. Whether you’re a pilgrim or not, Kochi’s 16 Buddhist temples that make up one leg of the Shikoku Pilgrimage are worth a visit, particularly Chikurin-ji for its five-tier pagoda.

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