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Other Sightseeing Spots in Matsuyama Area

  • Matsuyama Castle Ninomaru Historical Garden
    Travel / Tourism
    Ehime Pref. Matsuyamashi Marunouchi 5
    A historic garden which sits at the base of Matsuyama Castle, one of the Japan's Top 100 Castles? in the center of Matsuyama. Built on the site of the residence of Gamo Tadatomo, the second lord of the Iyo-Matsuyama Domain, the omotegoten palace remains are now covered in flowers while the former noble private quarters are covered in ponds and lawn that show the former room layout. Also excavated on the site, whose size is nearly 1.6 hectares, is Japan's largest ancient water well. Recognized in 2013 as a Couple's Holy Land, nearly 500 pre-wedding photo shoots are staged here annually. There are also three pavilions on the grounds, the Katsuyama-tei, Juraku-tei, and Kanko-tei, that are used for cultural events including tea ceremonies and haiku poetry gatherings.
  • Matsuyama Comprehensive Park
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Ehime Matsuyama-shi Asahigaoka 1-1633-2
  • Soranosampomichi
    Travel / Tourism
    Ehime Pref. Matsuyamashi Dougoyunomachi 5-6
  • Matsuyama Ropeway Shopping street
    Travel / Tourism
    Ehime Matsuyama-shi Okaido 3-2-8
  • Haikunomichi
    Travel / Tourism
    Ehime Pref. Matsuyamashi Dougomachi
  • Nikitatunomichi
    Travel / Tourism
    Ehime Pref. Matsuyamashi Dougokitamachi
  • Dogo High color Tori
    65 Reviews
    Travel / Tourism
    Ehime Pref. Matsuyamashi Dougoyunomachi 15-23

    We walked through Dogo Haikara Dori after we toured Dogo Onsen Honkan. We had fun visiting many of the gift shops and bought some great souvenirs. If you walk all the way to the end from Dogo Onsen...

  • Jukudentunomichi
    Travel / Tourism
    Ehime Pref. Matsuyamashi Dougoyunomachi
  • Turishima Lighthouse Kyukansha
    Travel / Tourism
    Ehime Pref. Matsuyamashi Tomarimachi 1433-2
  • Mitsu no Cityspace
    Travel / Tourism
    Ehime Matsuyama-shi Mitsu 1

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Stretched across the northwest corner of Shikoku island, Ehime is a nature-rich prefecture boasting beautiful coastlines and a rural center where mountains play host to 26 of the Buddhist temples that make up the Shikoku Pilgrimage. Matsuyama is home to an original post-feudal castle as well as Dogo Onsen, one of the country's oldest natural hot springs. The northern city of Imabari marks the entrance to the Shimano Kaido, a road that crosses six spectacular bridges and several islands, forming a route between Shikoku and mainland Honshu.

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