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Rest Spot Spots in Iyo Area

  • Roadside Station Futami
    29 Reviews
    Travel / Tourism
    Ehime Pref. Iyoshi Futamichoutakagishi A 2326
    This roadside station located in Futami Seaside Park has been chosen as one of the Japan's 100 best sunset destinations. Along with a beautiful sandy beach facing the Seto Inland Sea there's a Sunset Museum with its own manmade beach and a restaurant where you can enjoy a meal while watching the sunset. Blessed with an abundance of nature this popular spot brings together the food obtained in the sea and the mountains. At Futamin C, the local specialty products shop, you'll find fresh fish and mandarin oranges grown in the temperate climate of the Setouchi region. In 2008 it was recognized as a holy ground for couples and their heart shaped Love Jakoten fritters are very popular.

    The roadside station is like any other, selling local produce. Whats interesting is the food stall beside it offering grilled seafood and some other snacks. A good lunch stop or break for any...

  • Roadside Station Nakayama (Craft no Sato)
    Travel / Tourism
    Ehime Iyo-shi Nakayamacho Naka Yamako 271
    "A roadside station situated along National Route 56, the Ozu Highway. The name of the Craft-no-Sato tourism facility was changed to ""Roadside Station Nakayama"" after it was registered as a roadside station. The central Wood Craft Center houses a farmers market and shops selling local arts and crafts. In the Sherbet House, you can eat ice cream made by hand with select ingredients. The Konekonetei restaurant serves fresh, handmade soba noodles and also offers soba noodle making experiences."

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Stretched across the northwest corner of Shikoku island, Ehime is a nature-rich prefecture boasting beautiful coastlines and a rural center where mountains play host to 26 of the Buddhist temples that make up the Shikoku Pilgrimage. Matsuyama is home to an original post-feudal castle as well as Dogo Onsen, one of the country’s oldest natural hot springs. The northern city of Imabari marks the entrance to the Shimano Kaido, a road that crosses six spectacular bridges and several islands, forming a route between Shikoku and mainland Honshu.

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