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Experience / Training / Vehicle Spots in Shodo Island Area

  • Kankakei Ropeway
    19 Reviews
    Travel / Tourism
    Kagawa Pref. Shouzugunshoudoshimachou Kankakedori Takase Yu 168
    The Kankakei Ropeway runs across Kankakei Gorge, which is considered to be one of the three most beautiful gorges in Japan; the Ropeway extends from the foothills right up to the mountain peak. Visitors can enjoy spectacular views of the beautiful scenery in the Gorge, which changes with the seasons. The views of the Seto Inland Sea in the distance provide a marvelous contrast to the mountain vistas. The journey up the Ropeway takes approximately five minutes to complete.


  • Nakabu An
    Travel / Tourism
    Kagawa Pref. Shouzugunshoudoshimachou Yasuda A1385
    A somen noodle factory and restaurant which preserves traditional techniques but which also continues to take on the challenge of crafting noodles which make use of further polished and refined hand making methods. The establishment also offers reservation only noodle stretching experiences and factory tours. There are three courses available, the 60-minute course included noodle stretching, factory tour, and meal, the 30-minute included factory tour only, and other (advance reservation required).
  • Shodoshima Furusatomura
    Travel / Tourism
    Kagawa Pref. Shouzugunshoudoshimachou Murou 2084-1
    This general-purpose leisure facility focuses on “playing, experiencing, lodging, eating, and buying.” You can try out somen-nagashi or hand-thrown udon noodles, or other activities like rental bicycles and family pools (depends on season). Popular products include plum ice cream and somen noodles. It is a place where you can enjoy both eating and playing all day.
  • Olive and herbs Craft
    Travel / Tourism
    Kagawa Pref. Shouzugunshoudoshimachou Nishimura A: 1941-1
  • Shodoshima Yuhigaoka Mikan Orchard
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Kagawa Shozu-gun Tonoshocho Yakatazaki Otsu 100-40
    This mikan citrus orchard it thought to have started when the Hitoyama area farmers co-op their operations back in 1963. On this hill overlooking the calm Seto Inland Sea are about 2000 cultivated mikan trees. The seven varieties of citrus cultivated for sale are the wase-unshu, navel, sweet spring, iyokan, hassaku, amanatsu, and deko (shiranuhi). Visitors can enjoy picking mikans at this orchard that is the only open-to-the public mikan orchard on Shodo Island. It is a great opportunity to get to taste the mikans straight off the trees, before market. The orchard is open every day from early October through early December.
  • Olive Park
    Travel / Tourism
    Kagawa Pref. Shozu County Shodoshima Town Nishimura1941-1
  • Kokuminshukushashodoshimasumomoen
    Travel / Tourism
    Kagawa Pref. Shozu County Shodoshima Town Ikeda1500-4
  • Kosumoinyuukien
    Travel / Tourism
    Kagawa Pref. Shozu County Tonosho Town Nagahama Kou1446-1
  • Okuchiyuji
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Kagawa Pref. Shouzuguntonoshouchou Kuroiwa 870-2

Kagawa Areas


Japan's smallest prefecture, Kagawa, may take up just a small corner of Shikoku, but it has grown increasingly popular with the recognition of Naoshima, its "art island" in the Seto Inland Sea between Shikoku and Honshu. Just a stone's throw from the islands, mainland Kagawa's prefectural capital, Takamatsu, holds history in its castle ruins and its pride and joy, Ritsurin Garden, is known as one of the country's best gardens.

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