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  • Tsuboi Sakae Museum of Literature
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    Kagawa Shozu-gun Shodoshima Cho Tanoura Ko 931
    This literature museum introduces Tsuboi Sakae, a gifted woman novelist from Shodo Island. The museum, which is within the Twenty-Four Eyes Eiga Mura, a movie set of the village used for the movie, Twenty-Four Eyes, displays her original manuscripts, cherished objects, and other first edition works. The main corner exhibits the original manuscript of Twenty-Four Eyes, and the chronology of her works. There are many artifacts and works, such as her favorite fountain pen and a copy of the magazine ‘New Age’, which was the first to publish her story. Shodo Island is the home of three literary personages. The novelists, Tsuboi Sakae and Kuroshima Denji, and the poet, Tsuboi Shigeji. The life and works of each of these writers is introduced in a portion of the museum, each dedicated to them.

    二十四の瞳映画村の中に「壷井栄文学館」があります。 「二十四の瞳」ファンであるならば、興味深いスポットだと思います。私はそこまで興味がないので、さらっと過ぎてしまいました。まぁ、「二十四の瞳」ファンのためには素晴らしい展示資料がたくさんあります。せっかっくなので訪れてみても良いかもしれません。

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Japan's smallest prefecture, Kagawa, may take up just a small corner of Shikoku, but it has grown increasingly popular with the recognition of Naoshima, its "art island" in the Seto Inland Sea between Shikoku and Honshu. Just a stone's throw from the islands, mainland Kagawa's prefectural capital, Takamatsu, holds history in its castle ruins and its pride and joy, Ritsurin Garden, is known as one of the country's best gardens.

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