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Travel / Tourism Spots in Shodo Island Area

  • Shodoshima Island
    Travel / Tourism
    Kodo-cho, Shodojima-cho, Shodo-gun, Kagawa prefecture
    Floating in the Seto Inland Sea with its groves of olive trees, Shodoshima Island was also the stage for Sakae Tsuboi’s novel, Twenty Four Eyes. There is a whole host of things to do on the island including the Twenty Four Eyes Movie Village, the Olive Park, and the Nakayamano Tanada (terraced rice paddies), known as one of the best 100 rice terraced fields in Japan.
  • Roadside Station Shodoshima Olive Park
    423 Reviews
    Travel / Tourism
    Kagawa Pref. Shouzugunshoudoshimachou Nishimura A: 1941-1
    This rest area is located within Shodoshima Olive Park in Shodoshima Town, Shodoshima County, Kagawa Prefecture. About 2,000 olive trees and over 130 types of herbs are cultivated here, and the park offers an expansive view of the Seto Inland Sea. The pure white “Greek windmill” and other features give the area a distinctly Mediterranean feel. The site includes a cafe with a wonderful view, as well as the “Olive Museum,” which has a shop that offers various olive-themed goods. There’s also an herb garden and the rocket used in the live-action adaptation of “Kiki’s Delivery Service,” along with a natural hot spring, a craft workshop facility, a lodging facility, and more. The cherry blossoms from late March through early April are gorgeous, and there are night cherry blossom light-up events held as well.

    Shodoshima is more recently known for its Olive Oil and this park celebrates it. It has a large grove of olive trees in front an behind the main building. There are land marks dotted around the...

  • Angel Road
    Travel / Tourism
    Kagawa Pref. Shouzuguntonoshouchou Ginpura
    This mysterious sand road appears and disappears with the changing of the tide. It’s said that if you cross Angel Road while holding hands with that special someone that your wishes come true. Beautiful scenery awaits you any time of day from sunrise to evening. Try sending a mail from the mailbox at the gift shop. They will post-mark it with olive and Angel Road designs. The road is about a five-minute drive from Tonosho Port.
  • Twenty-Four Eyes Movie Studio
    261 Reviews
    Travel / Tourism
    Kagawa Pref. Shouzugunshoudoshimachou Tanoura
    This is a theme park that has repurposed the open set that served as the filming location in the 1987 movie Twenty-Four Eyes. Homes, the school and fishermen’s residences that stand side-by-side harken back to the early Showa period and convey the appearance of the film’s world. In addition to the Tsuboi Sakae Memorial Museum dedicated to the author of the novel the film was based on, the Shochikuza Movie Theater that regularly screens Twenty-Four Eyes, and the “Kinema no Iori” gallery that introduces various Japanese films of the 1950s, there is also a restaurant and cafe on site.

    A short visit to see the old movie set for 24-eyes. It was interesting to see the old buildings and history of the author of the original book.

  • Marukin Soy Sauce Museum
    Travel / Tourism
    Kagawa Pref. Shouzugunshoudoshimachou Nouma A 1850
    This museum was constructed in 1987 to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the founding of Marukin Shoyu. The gassho-zukuri (a traditional style of Japanese architecture with a steep thatched roof) building has been designated as a National Registered Tangible Cultural Property. Inside the museum are panels that introduce the soy sauce manufacturing process and displays of tools that were actually used in the production of soy sauce since the company was founded. Visitors can try soy sauce soft cream in the adjacent production building and this unique flavor can only be had here. Tours of the press factory that is currently still in use are also possible.
  • Misaki no Bunkyojo
    Travel / Tourism
    Kagawa Pref. Shouzugunshoudoshimachou Tanoura Jia 977-1
    This is a spot that is famous for serving as a location for the filming of the 1954movie Twenty-Four Eyes. Ever since it was built in 1902 it was used as the Noma Elementary School Tanoura Branch for approximately 70 years. The classrooms remain as they were at the time with desks, an organ and creations by schoolchildren left behind, and there is no end to the visits by fans of the film and original novel.
  • Kankakei
    Travel / Tourism
    Kagawa Pref. Shouzugunshoudoshimachou Kankakedori
    Shodoshima offers scenery to enjoy in all four seasons. Kankakei, located nearly in the center of the island, is a valley located between the island’s highest peak of Mt. Hoshigajo and Shihozashi. Andesite and agglomerate, which formed approximately 13 million years ago due to volcanic activity, have turned over a long period of time into strangely shaped rocks and bizarre stones. From the ropeway visitors can enjoy fresh green foliage in the early summer, the intense colors of the leaves in the autumn, and the beauty of the Seto Inland Sea, and even encounter unusual flora and fauna on the hiking trail. It is ranked as one of Japan’s three most beautiful gorges, and this valley offers some of Shodoshima’s most picturesque scenery.
  • Kankakei Ropeway
    19 Reviews
    Travel / Tourism
    Kagawa Pref. Shouzugunshoudoshimachou Kankakedori Takase Yu 168
    The Kankakei Ropeway runs across Kankakei Gorge, which is considered to be one of the three most beautiful gorges in Japan; the Ropeway extends from the foothills right up to the mountain peak. Visitors can enjoy spectacular views of the beautiful scenery in the Gorge, which changes with the seasons. The views of the Seto Inland Sea in the distance provide a marvelous contrast to the mountain vistas. The journey up the Ropeway takes approximately five minutes to complete.


  • Senmaida Terraced Rice Fields, Nakayama
    Travel / Tourism
    Kagawa Pref. Shouzugunshoudoshimachou Nakayama
    The Senmaida terraced rice fields are located in Nakayama district in the center of Shodoshima (Shodo Island). They are the only terraced rice fields in Kagawa Prefecture selected for inclusion in the “Top 100 Most Beautiful Terraced Rice Fields in Japan.” There are around 800 individual fields, which appear to climb in “waves” up the slopes of the hills, to a height of 200 meters above sea-level. This area is famous as the location for many scenes in the award-winning movie Rebirth (Yokame no Semi). The Nakayama Mushi-okuri Festival, a traditional festival with a history going back around 300 years, is held locally every year in July.
  • Teshima Marche
    3 Reviews
    Kagawa Pref. Shouzuguntonoshouchou Teshimaieura 3841-21
    The Teshima Marche souvenir shop is part of the tourist information office next to Ieura Port's Teshima Exchange Center. They sell an array of items like Teshima grown fruit and Teshima made products. They also have official Setouchi Triennale arts festival merchandise and items from the islands around Setouchi.

    私が行ったときは瀬戸内国際芸術祭の開催年だったので、お菓子や地元の特産品の他に瀬戸芸グッズも売ってました。色々お土産も売ってますよ。 豊島は苺が有名みたいで、苺のジェラートも売ってました。濃厚で美味しかった!!

  • Nakabu An
    Travel / Tourism
    Kagawa Pref. Shouzugunshoudoshimachou Yasuda A1385
    A somen noodle factory and restaurant which preserves traditional techniques but which also continues to take on the challenge of crafting noodles which make use of further polished and refined hand making methods. The establishment also offers reservation only noodle stretching experiences and factory tours. There are three courses available, the 60-minute course included noodle stretching, factory tour, and meal, the 30-minute included factory tour only, and other (advance reservation required).
  • Roadside Station Osaka Castle Zanseki Kinen Park
    Travel / Tourism
    Kagawa Pref. Shouzuguntonoshouchou Omi Kou 909-1
    This roadside station is located in Shodoshima Island's north-central region. About 40 stones are still on the site from when it was quarried for the expansion and repair of Osaka Castle's stone walls by the Tokugawa Shogunate. A museum showcases the stones and the tools used to transport them. The facility also has a shop and a café, making it a good spot for tourists to drop by while out for a drive.
  • MeiPAM
    20 Reviews
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Kagawa Pref. Shouzuguntonoshouchou Kou 405
    Complex intricate alleys remain in Tonosho Town, the “Town of the Maze,” in Shozu County, Kagawa Prefecture, which were once used to escape wars and pirates. “MeiPAM” is an art project making use of the old buildings and things remaining in the town, to encourage people to visit. There are a variety of stores throughout the town to be enjoyed leisurely, including art galleries in restored former soy sauce shops warehouses, and cellars from the Meiji period. Cafeterias using Shodoshima Island and Setouchi (Inland Sea) produce, books and sundries shops, and fashionable cafes are popular for meals and breaks when exploring the town.

    Had a great time wandering around to these galleries. A few tips One of the exhibitions is really dark. Wait for a minute or two at the entrance for your eyes to adjust before you wander around...

  • Shodoshima Furusatomura
    Travel / Tourism
    Kagawa Pref. Shouzugunshoudoshimachou Murou 2084-1
    This general-purpose leisure facility focuses on “playing, experiencing, lodging, eating, and buying.” You can try out somen-nagashi or hand-thrown udon noodles, or other activities like rental bicycles and family pools (depends on season). Popular products include plum ice cream and somen noodles. It is a place where you can enjoy both eating and playing all day.
  • Olive and herbs Craft
    Travel / Tourism
    Kagawa Pref. Shouzugunshoudoshimachou Nishimura A: 1941-1
  • Utsukushi-no-hara Plateu
    Travel / Tourism
    Kagawa Shozu-gun Shodoshimacho Jin
    Upon the opening of a passageway for mountain buses to this central location on the island in 1959 these highlands were named the Utsukushi-no-hara Kogen. Until that time it had been called Shihozashi, meaning pointing four-directions as there is no visual obstruction in any direction. It is the only promontory on Shodo Island. From here one can see, below, the famous sites Kankakei Gorge, Utsumi Bay nearby, and Himeji or Awaji Island in the distance as well as a sweeping view of the Shikoku mountain range. From the observation deck, only 30 steps up from the ground, visitors have an magnificent panoramic view surrounded by various blooming trees that vary with each season. A wonderfully scenic spot during the daytime but it is also a popular site for enjoying the nightscape of the surrounding towns and islands. This observation deck, at only 777 meters in elevation is a representative spot on Shodo Island known where many enjoy the sunrise on New Year’s day.
  • Tsuboi Sakae Museum of Literature
    5 Reviews
    Travel / Tourism
    Kagawa Shozu-gun Shodoshima Cho Tanoura Ko 931
    This literature museum introduces Tsuboi Sakae, a gifted woman novelist from Shodo Island. The museum, which is within the Twenty-Four Eyes Eiga Mura, a movie set of the village used for the movie, Twenty-Four Eyes, displays her original manuscripts, cherished objects, and other first edition works. The main corner exhibits the original manuscript of Twenty-Four Eyes, and the chronology of her works. There are many artifacts and works, such as her favorite fountain pen and a copy of the magazine ‘New Age’, which was the first to publish her story. Shodo Island is the home of three literary personages. The novelists, Tsuboi Sakae and Kuroshima Denji, and the poet, Tsuboi Shigeji. The life and works of each of these writers is introduced in a portion of the museum, each dedicated to them.

    二十四の瞳映画村の中に「壷井栄文学館」があります。 「二十四の瞳」ファンであるならば、興味深いスポットだと思います。私はそこまで興味がないので、さらっと過ぎてしまいました。まぁ、「二十四の瞳」ファンのためには素晴らしい展示資料がたくさんあります。せっかっくなので訪れてみても良いかもしれません。

  • Ittokuan
    Travel / Tourism
    Kagawa Shozu-gun Shodoshima Cho Noma Ko 2211
    This is a specialty store inside the Hishio-no-sato grounds that house a tsukudani and soy sauce brewing factory. Here, the practice of making discriminating soy sauce and tsukudani has been carried in with the convictions and passion of the father of Shodo Island style tsukudani, Takebe Yoshiji. The historic design of this store is modeled after the original one. Prior to the war, this interesting building was used for storing the casks for fermenting soy sauce. Potato vines, which served as the first food item to be made into Shodo Island style tsukudani in 1945, are on display in the store, as well as an introduction to the history and development of soy sauce and tsukudani food processing.
  • Shodoshima Yuhigaoka Mikan Orchard
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Kagawa Shozu-gun Tonoshocho Yakatazaki Otsu 100-40
    This mikan citrus orchard it thought to have started when the Hitoyama area farmers co-op their operations back in 1963. On this hill overlooking the calm Seto Inland Sea are about 2000 cultivated mikan trees. The seven varieties of citrus cultivated for sale are the wase-unshu, navel, sweet spring, iyokan, hassaku, amanatsu, and deko (shiranuhi). Visitors can enjoy picking mikans at this orchard that is the only open-to-the public mikan orchard on Shodo Island. It is a great opportunity to get to taste the mikans straight off the trees, before market. The orchard is open every day from early October through early December.
  • People in Peace Statue
    Travel / Tourism
    Kagawa Shozu-gun Tonoshocho Yoshi
    This is a bronze statue erected at the Tonosho Port, the front door to Shodo Island. It is as though the characters in the immortal literary work, Twenty-Four Eyes, by the author Tsuboi Sakae are coming out to greet all those arriving at Shodo Island, from whence she hailed. This area, near the high-speed boat terminal, was also the site where the movie Boku to Mama no Kiiroi Jitensha, released in 2009, was shot. It is a quintessentially Shodo Island looking area surrounded by olive trees. Modeled after the 12 students and the female teacher, the statue symbolizes the desire for peace and happiness to all.

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