Coast / Beach Spots in Tokushima Area

  • Komatsu Beach
    Travel / Tourism
    Tokushima Pref. Tokushimashi Kawauchichou
    This beach is the only swimming beach in Tokushima City and thus is the primary beach destination for local residents. From mid-July to mid-August, five beach clubhouses operate here. During swimming season, lifeguards and nurses are also continuously stationed at the beach, ensuring beachgoers can enjoy swimming in safety. The site has a free parking area with 600 spaces as well as changing rooms, showers, and toilets, making it easy to come and enjoy a day at the beach.
  • Ohama Coast
    Travel / Tourism
    Tokushima Kaifu-gun Minamicho Hiwasaura
    This coast is well-known for being a sea turtle nesting ground. Loggerhead sea turtles visit each year from mid-May to mid-August to lay their eggs. The coast, which is also well-known as a place a scenic beauty, has been selected as one of the Japan's 100 Great Beaches as well as one of the Shikoku's 88 Great Waterfronts. The white sand beaches, which have a tropical atmosphere, are visited by many beachgoers during the summer.
  • Ozato Matsubara
    Travel / Tourism
    Tokushima Kaifu-gun Kaiyocho
  • Ogejima Kaigan
    Travel / Tourism
    Tokushima Naruto-shi Narutocho Tosadomariura Oke
  • Club Noor mugi 2000
    Travel / Tourism
    Tokushima Pref. Kaifugunmugichou Nada Shimohamabe 198-1
  • Akiramaru coast
    Travel / Tourism
    Tokushima Prefecture

Tokushima Areas


The southeastern corner of Shikoku is home to Tokushima prefecture, a region celebrated for its luscious nature and the nation's favorite Awa Odori, an energetic dance to which an annual summer festival has been dedicated. Keeping the upbeat tempo, whirlpools excite the Naruto sea off Tokushima, while inland, dramatic cliffs line the Iya Valley, promising unrivaled views of vast and vibrant scenery.

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