Other Factory Tour / Demonstration Spots in Tokushima Area

  • The Hall of Awa Japanese Handmade Paper
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    Tokushima Pref. Yoshinogawashi Yamakawachoukawahigashi 141
    The Hall of Awa Japanese Handmade Paper, just a 15-minute walk from the JR Awa Yamakawa Station, was constructed in May 1989 for the purpose of preserving the traditional craft of Awa Japanese Paper making. Awa Washi is soft Japanese paper made by using indigo dye, an art that has been transmitted for 1,300 years. Opportunities for watching washi-craftsmen working, as well as papermaking workshops are available to the public. Artwork studios are also made available to promote both local and international artists. Two exhibition rooms are open to the public, and available as art galleries.


  • Otsuka Pharmaceutical Tokushima Itano Factory
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    Tokushima Pref. Itanogunitanochou Matsudani
    This factory offers tours of the Fibe-Mini, Oronamin C, and Match drink production lines. Tours take about 40–50 minutes. Visitors first watch a video introduction to the factory before visiting the production line. Tour requests require a group of at least four people older than elementary school children and are accepted by phone only.
  • Furusho Indigo Dye Mill
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    Tokushima Pref. Tokushimashi Sakoshichibanchou 9-12
    Furusho Indigo Dye Mill, an Awa indigo dye mill run by Furusho Riichiro, an artisan conferred the title of Contemporary Master Craftsman. You can observe and experience this indigo dyeing process, also called JAPAN BLUE, along the Tamiya River, east of the JR Kuramoto Station. This process is characterized by “natural lye fermentation vatting” using only natural materials, primarily, sukumo dyestuff. These original indigo dyed products are highly prized as one of the few treasured artisanal products of Japan. During certain seasons, you can enjoy watching the process of making sukumo dyestuff.
  • Shikoku Electric Power Anan Power Plant
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    Tokushima Anan-shi Tachibanacho Koya 106

Tokushima Areas


The southeastern corner of Shikoku is home to Tokushima prefecture, a region celebrated for its luscious nature and the nation’s favorite Awa Odori, an energetic dance to which an annual summer festival has been dedicated. Keeping the upbeat tempo, whirlpools excite the Naruto sea off Tokushima, while inland, dramatic cliffs line the Iya Valley, promising unrivaled views of vast and vibrant scenery.

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