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Art Gallery / Gallery Spots in Yamaguchi Area

  • tazz
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Yamaguchi Pref. Hagishi Higashitamachi West District 144 Rapidly Arcade
    Here at art gallery tazz in Hagi City, Yamaguchi Prefecture, you can enjoy reasonably priced top-flight coffee from their coffee machine. While meant for take-away, there is a table nearby where you can sit and enjoy your coffee.
  • Kurumayado Tenjupei
    2 Reviews
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Yamaguchi Pref. Hagishi Minamifuruhagimachi 33-5
    This gallery, located in Hagi City, Yamaguchi Prefecture, is maintained in old houses of about 200 years old and exhibits and sells various Hagi craft such as Hagi-yaki pottery, woven fabrics, accessories and furniture etc. There is also a cafe where visitors can enjoy scones and summer mandarin juice, popular with many tourists.


  • Kikugawa Gallery
    1 Reviews
    Life / Living / Hospital
    Yamaguchi Ube-shi Higashishinkawacho 4-16


  • Gallery Door
    Life / Living / Hospital
    Yamaguchi Iwakuni-shi Yamatemachi 4-2-54
  • Nishioka Gallery
    Life / Living / Hospital
    Yamaguchi Yanai-shi Minamimachi 6-4-2
  • Mori Museum Shop Gallery maikoromo saboumaikoromo
    Gourmet / Alcohol
    Yamaguchi Pref. Houfushi Tatara 1-15-1 Mori in the House
  • Ohashikeiko Calligraphy Class Galerie Katura
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Yamaguchi Pref. Houfushi Sakaemachi 1-5-1 Rurusasu Hofu 1F
  • gallery manekinekoya
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Yamaguchi Pref. Kudamatsushi Sakurachou 1-10-22
  • Hokuozakka Select shop Luminaria
    Yamaguchi Pref. Hagishi Tsubaki East 3943-1

Yamaguchi Main Areas


Heading west along Japan’s largest island, Honshu, the very last prefecture you’ll reach is Yamaguchi, separated from Kyushu by a small strip of water known as the Kanmon Straits, which the far-reaching harbor city Shimonoseki looks over. With water at every turn, the seafood of Yamaguchi is an indisputable highlight, and we’re not talking just the usual fish dishes—the notorious fugu, or puffer fish, is a Japanese delicacy that was discovered in Yamaguchi prefecture, making it the best place to try it out.

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