Other Natural Terrain Spots in Hiroshima Area

  • Onbashi Bridge
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    Hiroshima Pref. Shoubarashi Toujouchoutaishakumido
    This enormous natural bridge spans Hiroshima Prefecture's Taishaku Gorge. Made of limestone, it's 90 meters long and 18 meters wide. The river gradually cut through the stone leaving it in its current form. It has been declared one of Japan's top 100 bridges, and it is a National Natural Monument. In the past it was used for regular traffic and the passing of horses and carts, but with the advent of modern roads, it fell into disuse. The whole area is part of Hiba-Dogo-Taishaku Quasi-National Park, and hiking trails start from the parking lot.
  • Kozan Lavender Hill
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    Hiroshima Pref. Seragunserachou Bessako 794-9
    This is a great flower-viewing garden for enjoying flora in all four seasons—poppies in spring, lavender in summer, and cosmos in fall. It features a café and herb garden as well, so you can partake of lavender ice cream and fresh herbal tea.
  • Ubame Oak Grove
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    Hiroshima Fukuyama-shi Tomochoushiroji Tanoura
    This mystical “power spot” is located on Sensui Island, which is a part of Japan’s very first national park, Setonaikai National Park. This grove of ubame oaks grows along a road following one of Mt. Misen’s ridgelines. Known for its magical scenery, records state that in ancient times, mountain hermits were enraptured by the area’s spectacular ubame oaks, whose trunks frequently diverge into four or even eight forks. Although the island itself is small (just five kilometers in circumference), here ancient natural beauty remains largely untouched. A walking path in the area follows the coastline from the west side of the island to the south, and many tourists come here to hike in this enchanted place.
  • Itsukushima Strait
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Hiroshima Areas


There is more than meets the eye awaiting any Hiroshima-bound traveler. Kicking off in Hiroshima city, the Peace Memorial Park, Hiroshima Castle, and Shukkeien Garden offer a couple of days of exploring; however, the real beauty lies along the southern coast of the prefecture. There, a series of islands spreads across the Seto Inland Sea: from the mysterious sea-submerged Great Torii Gate at Miyajima Island to the first half of the islands that connect Honshu to Shikoku via six spectacular suspension bridges.

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