Street Spots in Okayama Area

  • Kojima Jeans Street
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    Okayama Pref. Kurashikishi Kojimajino
    This specialty street is located approximately a 15-minute walk from Kojima Station on the JR Seto-Ohashi Line. The birthplace of jeans production in Japan, there are many Kojima jeans makers centered on the Ajino Shopping Street with its retro atmosphere, and it is appealing for the many unique jean products. In addition, in the 400 meters from in front of the former Nozaki family residence to Ajino No. 2 Park, the asphalt is paved in blue, and the charm of jeans is scattered everywhere around the place called the holy place of jeans.
  • Shiomachi Karakoto-dori Street
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    Okayama Setouchi-shi Ushimadocho Ushimado
    "Located about a 15-minute drive from the Oku Interchange on the Okayama Blue Line. Ushimado, which has long prospered as a port town where people would wait for the right wind or tide, has a townscape that retains a retro appearance from the Edo period to the 1950s. Developed along the street running parallel to the Karakoto no Seto Strait it's home to a number of traditional buildings and historical landmarks including Honrenji Temple and the remains of the tea house that welcomed the Korean delegation to Japan during the Edo period, white walled storehouses, streetscape with latticed doors, the Former Bank of China Building, and the site of Torodo Lantern Tower. This is also where the film ""Kanzo Sensei (Dr. Akagi)"" was shot and many of the buildings used in the film and commemorative plaques still remain."
  • Bikanchikuyakankeikanshomei
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    Okayama Pref. Kurashikishi Honmachi - Higashi
  • Manyonomichi
    Travel / Tourism
    Okayama Pref. Tomatagunkagaminochou Kagami , Otsubata
  • O Ka Yama Uoshima Yokocho
    Travel / Tourism
    Okayama Okayama-shi Kita-ku Omotecho 2-3
  • Honcho Narai Sen Shimomachi Yakushiin Temple Sen
    Travel / Tourism
    Okayama Takahashi-shi Shinmachi

Okayama Areas


Overshadowed by Hiroshima to the west and the Kansai region to the east, Okayama is an easy spot to miss but a nature-rich gem where the Seto Inland Sea laps at its toes and peach and grape farms complete its interior. One of Japan’s Three Great Gardens, Koraku-en in Okayama city is well worth a visit before progressing to Kurashiki, where preserved wooden Edo buildings line the picturesque canal.

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